MEXICO CITY, October 14, 2011 ( – In response to a survey carried out by two socially liberal groups to study “discrimination” in Mexico, a majority of young Mexicans said they continue to favor punishment for those who kill their unborn children.

The study, which was taken as part of the 2010 “National Survey on Discrimination,” found that 50.4% of Mexicans between the ages of 18 and 23 believe that women who procure an abortion should be punished in at least some cases.

The study did not ask about criminal penalties for doctors who carry out abortions.

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Forty-four percent of respondents said that women who abort should be penalized, without any qualifications.  Another 6.4% responded that it “depends on the situation.”  Forty-seven percent expressed their opposition to the penalization of abortion.

According to the Mexican newspaper Milenio, these figures are only slightly lower than that of the general population, of which 55.5 percent support punishments for women who abort.

In addition to its results on abortion, the study also indicated that young people strongly reject the adoption of children by homosexuals, with 61% against and only 27.3% in favor.  Their opposition is only slightly less than that of the general population, which is 66% against and only 20.9% in favor.  Sixty percent also stated that it is justifiable to oppose same-sex “marriage.”

The National Survey on Discrimination, carried out by the socially liberal National Autonomous University of Mexico in conjunction with the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination, associates traditional Christian values with “discrimination.”

Under the banner of studying “discrimination,” the poll questions Mexicans about their compliance with a liberal social agenda, including such matters as their willingness to live in the same house as homosexuals, and whether or not women ask permission of their husbands before using birth control.