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March 17, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — An Irish-born filmmaking couple will “blow the lid off Biden corruption” with their justannounced film My Son Hunter.

The creators of Gosnell and ObamaGate shared their plan to film a biopic of Hunter Biden — centered around his corrupt business dealings and scandalous lifestyle — that will include revelations from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.

“This movie is going to tell the whole story,” said Phelim McAleer as he announced the film with his wife, Ann McElhinney. “China, Russia, Ukraine.”

“We know that Twitter suppressed the story in the New York Post,” McElhinney noted, referring to Twitter’s banning of a New York Post bombshell report revealing that Joe Biden was aware of his son’s Ukrainian business dealings.

“We know also that CNN’s Jeff Zucker … told his journalists to spike the story so that it would never be heard,” McElhinney said. “The Media Research Center did a poll and they found that 16 percent of Biden voters would have changed their vote if they'd known the truth about Hunter Biden.”

“If the media won’t do their jobs, we’ll do it for them,” McAleer added in Monday’s press release.

While the movie will be based on documentation of actual events, it is “not a documentary,” explained McAleer. “It’s going to be told in a compelling and entertaining way.”

“This is an incredibly fascinating story,” Ann McElhinney said. “It’s ‘Austin Powers’ meets ‘King Lear’ with a dash of ‘House of Cards.’”

The English actor Laurence Fox, who announced this month that he is running for mayor of London in order to “fight against extreme political correctness,” told The Telegraph of London that he has been approached to consider playing the role of Hunter Biden.

However, Laurence Fox’s role “is uncertain following his announcement that he is running for mayor of London,” Fox News noted.

The movie is scheduled to be filmed in Eastern Europe this summer.

The filmmakers are in need of donations to help raise the $2.5 million dollars needed to fund the film, which McAleer said “is going to be free for the public.” It is the largest ever crowdfunding request for a film.

Donations to help fund the film can be made through the movie’s website, “My Son Hunter.”