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June 3, 2015 ( – Since April, former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner has made international headlines for his desire to change his gender. This week, Bruce — now calling himself “Caitlyn” — has been the subject of innumerable articles, op-eds, blog entries, and social media posts.

Most of these reports have framed Jenner's decision to mutilate his body in a positive light. But rather than a victory for society's progression, Jenner's public manifestation of gender dysphoria is a loss to both himself as a child of God and impressionable youths struggling with various forms of gender identity disorder.

With millions of dollars to throw around, Bruce has set an impossible example for youth with these types of mental disorders. No matter what we call ourselves, our gender does not change — we are either male or female.  In very rare cases of genetic anomalies there are extra chromosomes that create deformities, and these very rare cases are indeed tragic and requiring of specialized assistance. 

But these exceptions, which are an issue of science, do not make the rule. For the most part we are dealing with inner turmoil that causes feelings of wanting to be someone else. Rather than through mutilation, these feelings should be resolved with counseling and the healing of psychological and emotional harms that give rise to them.

I'm not just speaking as a Catholic who cares dearly about each and every human being's mental, physical, and spiritual health. I'm also speaking as someone with a Master's in psychology and acceptance to a doctoral program in the field.  

Contrary to what the media has done to Bruce and any who are inspired to follow his example, we must not use those who have such troubles as cause célèbres to warp the beauty of being men and women.

The media, which fawned over Jenner’s so-called female debut and photoshopped it into existence, should be ashamed of itself for leading many children into falsehood and perhaps their own mutilation.

I'll quote the popular blogger Matt Walsh, who provided one of the most insightful comments on this matter. According to Walsh, women “should not be told that [womanhood is] such a flimsy thing that a man with enough money can buy his way into it. It’s demeaning.”

What this episode and the whole transgender movement shows more than anything else is the need to value the sexes for their unique and irreproducible roles. The inestimable value of woman as mother, as wife, as queen of the family, as teacher and counselor are endowed with the humility, intuition, and heart that are unique to the daughters of the Almighty.  Men’s uniqueness is seen in fatherhood, and being devoted husbands, in the struggle to sacrifice oneself for spouse and children, to protect and provide.

There are so many distinctive gifts that complement one another in men and women. What a shame to deny their inherent beauty and make a mockery of the design of God.