CLWYD, Wales, November 22, 2011 ( – A cross-dressing British man was allowed to “marry” his cross-dressing male partner after he underwent gender re-assignment surgery, the Daily Mail reports.

65-year-old “Jenny-Anne” (Paul) Bishop and 68-year-old “Elen” (Alan) Heart both had wives and children before each divorced and entered a homosexual relationship with each other in 2004, in which the two cross-dressed as a “lesbian” pair.


While UK law does not permit same-sex ‘marriage’, it does recognize the “new gender” of a person who has undergone surgery to assume the physical features of the opposite sex. Therefore, the couple ‘married’ at Manchester’s Metropolitan Community Church after Bishop underwent cosmetic surgery to appear more female last year, followed by breast augmentation and “facial feminization” surgery.

Bishop was married for 31 years before divorcing in 2000, and Heart divorced twice, ending his second marriage after 20 years and three children. They now run a refuge for transgender people and present trans-awareness training to public service providers, according to the Mail.

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