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Male ‘feminist’ clothing CEO fires female employees after they learn he’d admitted to abusing women

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July 11, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Employees of Feminist Apparel “thought they were creating tools for the resistance” against Trump, but then learned their CEO was accused of rape and had admitted to sexually assaulting and harassing women. The employees were subsequently fired after asking him to resign in what they are calling “the patriarchy and toxic masculinity at its...finest.”

Feminist Apparel creates clothing and accessories that say things like, “riots not diets,” “trans rights are human rights,” “reproductive rights are human rights,” and “destroy gender roles [and] the gender binary.”

What led the employees to call for CEO Alan Martofel to leave was a 2013 Facebook post about how he, among other things, put a sleeping woman’s hand on his genitalia and “grinded up” on women without their consent. The post was written in the context of denouncing “rape culture” and harassment.

The fired employees spoke to Refinery29 about their disappointment with Martofel’s decidedly unfeminist way of handling things. Meanwhile, he wrote on Facebook that it became apparent his former employees “do not share my views on either business or feminism” and so will continue the company without them.

Former employees are particularly upset that Martofel was ignorant about “what it means to be an ally” and because he was “putting his opinions first and ignoring the requests and advice of people of color, queer people, and survivors, including in campaigns geared towards those groups.”

Pro-life activists often point out that supporting abortion on demand does not tend to incline men to respect women.


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