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(LifeSiteNews) — Official documents show that Pfizer instructed male COVID vaccine trial participants to abstain from sex or use condoms to protect against potential fertility issues caused by the novel jabs.

“Male participants in the Pfizer clinical trials were required to either abstain from sex or use condoms,” posted prominent doctor Aaron Kheriaty on social media yesterday, accompanied with the clinical trial documentation to support his statement.

“[The] Comirnaty [Pfizer COVID vaccine] insert mentions that the product had ‘not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, or impairment of male fertility,’” added the doctor, linking to the Food and Drug Administration’s official insert.  

In the clinical trial document under “Appendix 4: Contraceptive Guidance,” it states, “Male participants are eligible to participate if they agree” to “remain abstinent from heterosexual intercourse with a female of childbearing potential” or “agree to use a male condom when engaging in any activity that allows for passage of ejaculate to another person” during “the intervention period and for at least 28 days after the last dose” as a way to “eliminate reproductive safety risk … ”

The document also says that males must agree to “refrain from donating sperm” during the nearly month-long period after their second dose.

The potential impact the experimental COVID vaccines have on fertility, both in males and females, has been an area of concern for many since the rollout of the mRNA gene-therapy shots.

While the mainstream media, regulatory agencies, and Big Pharma have continued to insist that the COVID shots have no impact on fertility or pregnancy, and suggest that anyone who disagrees is spreading “misinformation,” many doctors, including a former Pfizer vice president, Dr. Michael Yeadon, have been adamant that such concerns are scientifically legitimate.

Last summer, Yeadon discussed how a study obtained from the Japanese medicines agency due to a freedom of information request revealed “how the vaccine [substances] distributed around the body” of rats over time.

“What we find is the vaccine doesn’t just distribute around the body and then wash out again, which is what you’d hope. It concentrates in ovaries of rats, and it concentrates at least 20-fold over the concentration in other background tissues like muscles,” he reported.

Yeadon, who has degrees in biochemistry and toxicology and a Ph.D. in respiratory pharmacology, added, “And I will tell you, a general rule of thumb in toxicology is if you don’t have any data to contradict what you’ve learned, that’s the assumption you make for humans. So my assumption at the moment is that is what is happening to every female who’s been given these vaccines. These vaccines are concentrating in her ovaries.”

In addition to Yeadon, in January medical freedom rights attorney Thomas Renz made an announcement at a U.S. Senate meeting in which he stated that based on concealed government data obtained from three whistleblowers within the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), there have been alarming increases in cases of cancer, myocarditis, and miscarriages since the rollout of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Renz, he has “substantial data” from whistleblowers that show “[that] miscarriages [have] increased by almost 300 percent over the five-year average.”