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'Karen' White confessed to two counts of sexual touching during his time in a female jail.Facebook

WEST YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom, October 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A biologically male rapist who “identifies” as a woman has received a life sentence for sexually assaulting four female inmates at an all-female facility, as well as for his previous offenses.

Stephen Wood, a 52-year-old man and convicted sex offender and pedophile who now goes by the name “Karen White,” was incarcerated at the all-female New Hall Prison. He had previously pled guilty for raping one woman in 2003 and another in 2016, and was awaiting sentencing for stabbing a neighbor last year.

Soon after arriving at the facility, he allegedly exposed himself to one female inmate, put a second inmate’s hand on his breast and made “inappropriate comments about oral sex,” pushed himself “indecently” against a third, and kissed a fourth on the neck.

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Wood was subsequently transferred to the all-male HM Prison Leeds, with the Prison Service apologizing for previously putting him with actual women.

People who knew Wood (who has also gone by the name David Thompson) give conflicting testimony as to whether he sincerely “identifies” as a woman or is merely a drag artist. He had not undergone sex-reassignment surgery, but his claims of “gender identity” were enough to get him remanded to the women’s facility.

“You are a predator and highly manipulative and in my view you are a danger,” Judge Christopher Batty told Wood during sentencing, the BBC reports. “You represent a significant risk of serious harm to children, to women and to the general public.”

“She is allegedly a transgender female,” prosecutor Christopher Dunn stressed. “The prosecution say allegedly because there's smatterings of evidence in this case that the defendant's approach to transitioning has been less than committed,” apparently “so the defendant can use a transgender persona to put herself in contact with vulnerable persons she can then abuse.”

The BBC says Wood is “highly unlikely” to ever return to a women’s facility even if legally declared female, due to the threat he poses. It notes that Wood once admitted to a probation officer that he could sexually abuse a child and “think nothing of it.”

Breitbart London adds that at least 41% of all gender-confused inmates in English and Welsh jails are sex offenders who pose a threat to female inmates, according to the feminist group Fair Play for Women.

“‘Karen’ used her penis in the sexual assaults. If the Govt goes ahead with its plans to allow gender self-declaration, ‘Karen’ will legally be a woman. Are we all just fine with that?” asked UK journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer, referencing a government proposal to let-gender-confused individuals change their legal gender without a medical diagnosis.