Malta President to Unveil National Pro-Life Monument

Thu Mar 23, 2006 - 12:15 pm EST

By John-Henry Westen

VALLETTA, March 21, 2006 ( - On March 25, none other than the President of Malta will unveil a pro-life monument.ÂGift of Life, a national pro-life group which commissioned the statue notes on their website that “The President of Malta, His Excellency Dr. Edward Fenech Adami will unveil Malta’s first ever pro-life monument to the unborn child.”

The ceremony will take place on March 25, a date set aside by many countries to commemorate the incarnation, of Christ in his mother’s womb. The date has therefore also been selected as a day for unborn children.

Pro-life political leadership in the strongly Catholic country is however not new.Â

In 2002, Malta, voiced its protest to the secretary general of the European Parliament against an aggressive EU resolution declaring its wish to see abortion become “legal, safe and accessible to all.” At the time, Malta’s Permanent Delegate to the EU, Ambassador Victor Camilleri, reiterated his government’s position on abortion. “Not only is abortion illegal in Malta,” he said, “but succesive governments… have been strongly committed to retaining the legal prohibition and have held this position also in the context of European and international fora, not least at the level of the United Nations.” ( )

When in 2004, the United Nations attempted to cajole the island nation into accepting abortion, the Maltese Prime Minister denounced the effort. In comments to, Edgar Galea-Curmi, head of the Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi’s Secretariat, said: “The Maltese Government does not agree with the Committee’s recommendation to review Maltese legislation on abortion.” Galea-Curmi concluded, “We consider that abortion is in complete contradiction with one of the main tenets of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, namely that the best interests of children are paramount.” ( )

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