By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  MANAGUA, November 21, 2007 ( – Francisco Fletes Sanchez, who covered up his sexual abuse of his stepdaughter “Rosita” in 2003 with the help of international pro-abortion organizations, has received the maximum sentence of 30 years in prison for his crimes.

  The sentence cannot be appealed according to Nicaraguan law.

“Owing to the fact that this person abused the minor in every aspect, both physical and mental, today he is paying for two crimes: the one committed in Costa Rica several years ago and the one committed here in Nicaragua,” said the prosecutor.

  Fletes achieved notoriety in 2003 when he cooperated with a coalition of pro-abortion feminist groups in Nicaragua to secure an abortion for his nine year old stepdaughter, whom he falsely claimed had been impregnated by a Costa Rican neighbor while the family was living and working in that country. 

  The director for Central America for the international organization Ipas helped Fletes escape Costa Rica, knowing that he was under investigation for the rape. Although doctors in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua denied that an abortion was necessary to protect the health of Rosita, Nicaragua’s “Women’s Network Against Violence” carried out an abortion with the help of three anonymous doctors.

  Fletes became a campaigner for the international pro-abortion movement, flying to Chile in 2003 to advocate decriminalization there. His efforts failed.

  Today’s ruling may be a prelude to more criminal convictions stemming from the case. Charges have been filed against several member’s of the Network for their role in obtaining an abortion for “Rosita” (a pseudonym used by the media to protect the girl’s identity). The abortion prevented authorities from identifying Fletes as the perpetrator.

  The most prominent member of the Network charged with the crime, Marta Maria Blandon, is the Director for Central America for the international pro-abortion agency Ipas. Blandon admitted publicly in an interview in 2003 that she knew Fletes was under investigation by Costa Rican authorities when she helped him to achieve his goal of escaping to Nicaragua.

  Evidence also exists that other members of the Network, which continued to support Fletes, his wife, and stepdaughter with free housing, knew that he was the real father of the child and conspired to cover up the crime. Fletes continued to rape his daughter for four more years, and ultimately fathered a second child, who was not aborted. When the media discovered the child, Fletes confessed to the rape, resulting ultimately in today’s sentence.

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