SAN DIEGO, California, April 1, 2011 ( – A pro-life sidewalk counselor outside a downtown San Diego Planned Parenthood abortion clinic was reportedly threatened with a gun by a man dropping off a female patient.

Members of the local 40 Days for Life campaign reported that on March 26, a man dropped off a patient in a black sedan with tinted windows. One sidewalk counselor attempted to hand the man a pro-life flyer which he refused. However, he stopped the car again about ten feet away and beckoned the pro-lifer over.

“As she neared the car, she heard a distinctive ‘clicking’ sound as if a gun were being loaded, and then saw the driver brandish a semi-automatic pistol in her direction,” the group reported, as published by California Catholic Daily. “He threatened her, pointing to the gun, telling her if she ever came near his car again, he would use it. ” 

The man drove away as the woman called the police. The group reported that police were able to identify the man and said that he would be arrested and charged.

The incident occurred only days after a homemade firebomb was thrown at an elderly 40 Days participant in Kalispell, Montana. The device exploded into flames next to the pro-lifer, who was unhurt.

A similar event occurred during last fall’s 40 Days vigil when a Carleton abortionist was arrested after brandishing a gun at pro-lifers peacefully witnessing outside his clinic.

Witnesses say Tennessee abortionist Gary Boyle, 62, pointed a loaded handgun from his vehicle at three pro-life witnesses, including one 17-year-old young man, who were standing outside the Charleston Women’s Medical Center in West Ashley. After Boyle entered the clinic, the pro-lifers called police.