By Kathleen Gilbert

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey, March 9, 2009 ( – A lone sidewalk counselor at a Cherry Hill abortion center is suffering from serious injuries after a young man driving his pregnant wife to the abortion facility reportedly struck the counselor and ran him over.  But the victim’s wife says that the event probably saved a life, as she believes she was able to persuade the man afterwards not to have his unborn child killed.

The incident took place Saturday morning at the South Jersey Women’s Center on Haddonfield Road.  George Krail was walking toward the clinic’s driveway to offer literature as a car approached, when the driver ran into and over Krail, crushing and twisting his leg.  The initial impact was so severe it may have broken several of Krail’s ribs.

Krail was taken to Cooper Hospital in Camden, where he is stable but continues to await surgery as of Saturday evening.

When asked George’s condition, his wife Tina told (LSN) that “George is fine spiritually. His leg’s really messed up … his leg is pointing backwards.” 

Mrs. Krail, who is a veteran pro-life protester along with her husband, went on to say that the bizarre event “was orchestrated by the Lord.” 

Krail says her husband was suddenly prompted to witness at the local abortion facility Saturday morning after she showed him the testimony of an abortion survivor she found on a pro-life blog. 

Some time after George left, Mrs. Krail received a call from him asking for help.  “Tina, I’m hurt – someone ran me over.  My leg’s turned around Tina, come right away,” George reportedly told his wife. 

Police arrived following George’s 911 call and were able to question the driver.  No one witnessed the incident. However, the abortion facility’s surveillance camera did capture the incident, and the footage is now in police custody. The driver is not currently held by police.

Mrs. Krail, who was badly shaken when she arrived on the scene, said she then had a chance to confront the man along with his pregnant wife.

“I thought, ‘What would Jesus do?” she told LSN.  “So I walked over and I said, ‘Hon, I’d like to talk to you.  I forgive you for hitting my husband.’  And he said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’ and his whole face just changed.

“Then I said: ‘I want you to look at me in the eyes.  I’ve been where you’re at, and I can tell you my husband also forgives you, and he probably wants me to tell you that if one broken leg would save your child, he would do it over again.

“You should know that God has something in store mighty for you, and you should take this as a sign from God.’ And he said, ‘I know, I know.  And they never went in [the abortion centre].” 

She recalled that she embraced both and exhorted them to “think about this child now.” 

“This is how important this child is,” she said.

Asked by LifeSiteNews how long they’d been participating in pro-life witness, Tina replied cheerfully, “We’ve done it [pro-life activism] for the last twenty years.  Yeah, it’s been our life – and this’ll probably be our death too.  What’s our life worth anyway?”