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Marie-Claire Bissonnette's attacker winding up for his round-kick in Toronto, Sept. 30, 2018.

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TORONTO, October 9, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The man caught roundhouse kicking a pro-life woman on a video that has since gone viral was released Saturday from police custody on $500 bail.

Jordan Hunt, 26, turned himself in this weekend and is charged with eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief under $5,000 in connection with events at the Life Chain in Toronto September 30.

A Toronto hair stylist, Hunt was also identified knocking over a pro-life image in a video filmed by Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform last summer, and was charged with assault in connection with that incident.

Hunt’s bail order forbids him being within 500 meters of any “organized pro-life demonstration,” and contacting or being within 200 meters of ten individuals, most of them involved in the Life Chain incident.


That includes Campaign Life Coalition youth director Marie-Claire Bissonnette, who filmed the video catching Hunt abruptly roundhouse kicking her in the shoulder after a brief exchange, knocking her phone out of her hand. 

The 46-second clip has been viewed almost 4,000,000 times since it was published on LifeSiteNews last Tuesday.

Bissonnette, 27, says she’s suffered no long term consequences from the assault and has asked people to pray for Hunt, who is seen in the video wearing a pentagram pendant, which is a Satanic symbol.

She began filming Hunt after he scribbled on signs and jackets of Life Chain participants with markers. Hunt’s bail order forbids him from contacting or approaching several individuals he allegedly assaulted in this manner.

A hair stylist, Hunt was identified on the Internet within a day of the video going viral. As a result, he lost his contract at Noble Studio 101, where he’d worked since July.

Hunt is also forbidden in his bail order from contacting salon manager Amy Wesselink, who reported Friday on Instagram her business has been under attack since the story broke.

“I have spent the past two days dealing with THOUSANDS of calls/texts/messages from around the world” concerning now ex-employee Hunt, many of these “fake appointments and threats against our business as well as hate filled messages attacking our values and motives,” she wrote.

“We ask anyone attacking us to please leave us in peace  and safety. We did not ask for this attention,” added Wesselink.

“I’m frustrated because we’ve been getting a lot of backlash as the former work place of Jordan,” the mother of four children, ages one to 11, told the Toronto Sun.  

“We’ve got the far right threatening us. We’ve have the far left threatening us. What about the fact that we’re being attacked here?” Wesselink said.

Bissonnette echoed this in a tweet on CLC Youth supporting the salon:

To #noblestudio101, I’m sorry that you’re experiencing hate mail b/c of this incident. U aren’t the guilty party & it’s unjust that u should have to suffer for what Hunt did, especially since u fired him immediately. Thank u for that. I hope ppl stop sending u hate mail.

Hunt’s bail conditions remain in force until the charges are resolved. His first court appearance is scheduled for November 14 at Old City Hall courthouse in Toronto.


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