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WASHINGTON, D.C., November 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The man responsible for another unhinged attack on conservative pundit Tucker Carlson’s family has been identified as a board member of a “feminist” organization.

Over the weekend, Michael Avenatti, a left-wing attorney and rumored Democrat presidential contender who represented porn star Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, claimed he was “investigating an alleged assault on a gay latino immigrant committed by” the Fox News host “and/or members of his inner circle at a club” in Virginia. “It likely includes underage drinking in violation of VA law.”

In response, Carlson released a statement revealing that an incident took place on October 13 during a dinner with two of his children and some friends at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Toward the end of the meal, my 19-year-old daughter went to the bathroom with a friend. On their way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped my daughter and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson,” he explained. “She answered, ‘That’s my dad,’ and pointed to me. The man responded, ‘Are you Tucker’s whore?’ He then called her a ‘f***ing c***.'”

The incident drove his daughter to tears, after which he and his son went to confront the man. The assailant admitted to his words and resumed the obscenities, Carlson writes, leading his son to throw a glass of wine in his face and tell him to leave the bar – which he did. Carlson says he immediately reported the incident to management, which revoked the man’s membership after a three-week investigation.

“I love my children. It took enormous self-control not to beat the man with a chair, which is what I wanted to do,” Carlson said, adding neither he nor his son “assaulted” the man, and that he knew nothing about his race or sexuality. “I think any father can understand the overwhelming rage and shock that I felt seeing my teenage daughter attacked by a stranger.”

On Monday, the Daily Caller (which Carlson co-founded) reported that Avenatti released a statement from his client, identifying him as Juan Manuel Granados. The statement denies calling any member of his family any names and claims Carlson and his son were the “aggressors.” The statement doesn’t explain why they would have recognized or singled out Granados to confront him in the first place.

Granados was also a member of the Board of Directors for the Women’s Initiative, a group that describes its mission as “empowering women in times of challenge and change.”

The Daily Caller says it made numerous calls and emails to the group about one of their leaders allegedly berating a young woman for who her father happened to be, but only got variations of “we don’t speak to reporters” and “we have no comment at this time.”

On Tuesday, the Initiative issued a statement that it was “deeply saddened by the recent event in our community involving Tucker Carlson and our board member, Juan Granados.” It revealed that Granados, despite claiming to be an innocent victim in the Avenatti statement, “offered his resignation” from the organization.

Last week, Carlson’s home was also the target of an Antifa mob that chanted for the “racist scumbag” to “leave town,” vandalized his driveway, threatened that “we know where you sleep at night,” and slammed on his front door to the point that his wife locked herself in a pantry and called the police.