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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – A mandatory COVID vaccination private members bill was voted down in Ontario.

Bill 12 was presented by John Fraser, a Liberal Party Member of the Provincial Parliament from Ottawa. The intent of the bill was to coerce “specified education sector organizations and healthcare sector organizations to require their employees and other individuals that they retain to provide services to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Currently, various health and educational organizations and ministries do require a COVID vaccination policy to be enacted, but there is not yet a provincially standard mandate.

The proposed bill did allow for limited exceptions based on very rare medical reasons and would require anyone who interacted with the public to be fully vaccinated. If an employee were to refuse to take the abortion-tainted jab, or if an employee refused to disclose private medical information, then the bill called for “specified measures to ensure compliance with this Act.”

Non-compliance could result in termination or redeployment.

The bill was voted down after the second reading on Thursday, largely due to the efforts of MPP Belinda Karahalios.

Karahalios was kicked out of the Progressive Conservative caucus last year for opposing an indefinite retention of the emergency powers enacted by Doug Ford’s government.  In an interview with LifeSiteNews, she expressed that there is no room for voting against the “party line” in the PC party.

During the debate of Bill 12, Karahalios responded to Fraser’s sentiment that enacting a mandatory vaccination bill would be in the best interests of Ontario families. “If passed, Bill 12 will continue to see people lose their jobs, as we have seen for three years as a result of this government destroying our economy, fearmongering and pressuring public and private sector employers to fire people,” she stated.

“For three years, this government, which once promised to grow our economy, has enacted policies and regulations and more red tape that has resulted in record job losses and business closures, and this bill will only continue that trend.”

After the bill was defeated, Karahalios expressed happiness at the result by tweeting: “Last night, I participated in debate on Bill 12 – Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Education and Healthcare Sectors Act, 2021. At noon today, the bill was defeated. Thank you, again, to everyone who contacted their MPP and asked that they vote NO!”

LifeSite is encouraging Canadians to reject vaccine mandates in the workforce, both provincially and federally. Informed citizens can send a message to the MP or MPP by filling out a Voter Voice form.