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Dr. Leland Stillman, M.D.

November 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A mandatory Covid-19 vaccine is “madness” in light of irrefutable evidence about how vaccines work and the record of criminal convictions against the pharmaceutical giants that develop them, according to Dr. Leland Stillman.

No vaccine is effective, all carry risks, including death and disability, and “the vast majority of patients who develop any viral illness have a mild, self-limited course” while “only a minority are affected by severe disability or death,” the 32-year-old American doctor said during a recent virtual summit on the pandemic.

Moreover, vaccine manufacturers have no liability for their products, pharmaceutical corporations “are regularly convicted on criminal charges of misleading the public and abusing their trust,” and the vaccine industry is “rife” with conflicts of interest between government and industry, Stillman said.

Indeed, the last “vestige of …decency” in the “whole vaccine controversy” is that Americans still have the right to say: “I am morally opposed to this. I don’t want to take,” he contended during the Truth Over Fear Summit organized by California-based Catholic writer and broadcaster Patrick Coffin.

“Mandatory vaccination puts the public health into the hands of convicted criminals in the pharmaceutical industry, while putting the financial and personal liability on the taxpayer,” Stillman pointed out. “That is not even to mention the money that is being spent by the taxpayer on vaccine research.”

It was the widespread “talk about forced vaccination” that prompted Stillman to go public with his opposition in September, he told Coffin in an online Q&A. 

“The further and further I look into the histories of, for example, viral contagions, particularly ones like this, the less and less I find the idea of a vaccine appealing at all, let alone forced vaccination,” he said.

As with anything, vaccinations carry both “risks and benefits,” said Stillman, a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine who has worked in six states and 12 hospitals.­

 As “free, independent-thinking people with rights, inalienable rights, we should be allowed to make decisions about what treatments we think are worth it,” he told Coffin.

“I don’t think it’s good medicine to force people to do anything. That’s my stance.”

Stillman does not categorically reject all vaccination, he emphasized in a 12-minute presentation titled “Mandatory vaccination is madness.”

“For the record, I am completely up to date on all of my vaccines. I have prescribed countless vaccines in my career, in good faith,” he said.

He also noted that although he presented facts that “anyone can confirm” from government and mainstream sources, he will still be labelled a “conspiracy theorist” for his opinion.

Painting people as either “anti-vax” or “pro-vax” has been “a very careful piece of news spin” which is a “terrible disservice, I think, to really the nuance behind this,” he told Coffin.

Stillman slammed the American government and pharmaceutical companies for causing and profiting off the poor health of Americans, who he said are increasingly malnourished — and so at greater risk of infectious diseases — because of the “bad food policies” that both Republicans and Democrats support and perpetuate.

Malnourishment is generally overlooked as a diagnosis because “the sicker people are, the more money the system makes,” contended Stillman.

“They then tell us that the solution to the diseases that are the predictable result of eating all this toxic food, is for us to be vaccinated, and to receive an endless stream of drugs.”

The “conflicts of interest here are rife between government and industry, even when they’re not overt,” he told Coffin.

“People who work in industry go work … for the government then people in the government, in the regulatory bodies, then go work for the private industry,” he said. 

Americans “subsidized the discovery and research and development of these vaccines to I don't know how many billions of dollars,” and now “we are committing to buying hundreds of thousands or whatever of doses from the manufacturers, the product’s not on the shelf yet. It’s not approved yet.”

And is “the American consumer being compensated for the money they spent developing it?” he questioned.

“I mean, is the Pfizer, Eli Lilly or the AstraZeneca CEO going to sell his summer home to pay for Joe Schmo’s restaurant that’s gone under? I don’t think so,” said Stillman.

“It just makes me nauseous to watch these bicoastal elites … allow people in the middle of the country to suffer and then say, you know, you better take the vaccine.”

Meanwhile, American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced this week that its coronavirus vaccine is “90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19.”

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to issue “emergency authorization” of the vaccine “within weeks,” Business Insider reported Tuesday. The vaccine requires two doses three weeks apart.

Ticketmaster then announced it was “working on a framework for post-pandemic fan safety that uses smart phones to verify fans’ vaccination status or whether they’ve tested negative for the coronavirus within a 24 to 72 hour window,” Billboard reported Wednesday.

Moreover, Sir John Bell, an Oxford professor and member of the UK Vaccine Taskforce proposed that, if and when a vaccine is approved, the government issue three-month “freedom passes” for people who have been vaccinated to have the “freedom to operate” as normal, the Mirror reported Tuesday.

Stillman predicted as much to Coffin, noting that authorities won’t send agents “busting down doors” to forcibly inject people if a vaccine is approved. 

Instead, as has been proposed by “major medical journals,” authorities will ensure compliance by using “what is effectively economic warfare, marginalizing people from society gradually until the costs of avoiding the vaccine are too great,” he said.

“They’re going to make it harder to travel. They’re going to make it harder to have certain jobs. They’re going to make it harder to run your business. Higher taxes,” Stillman said.

“I don’t know what it’s going to be, but that’s how they’re going to do it and they’re going to ramp that up until the minority that … hangs on to their rights and sticks to their guns, pun intended, is very small,” he said.

“And then they can say, basically, you don’t get a choice anymore. We’re making the choices for you.”

In this eventuality, there will be doctors who “basically put their careers and licenses and reputations and whatever on the line … to refuse to do what the government is saying,” Stillman said. 

But how many will do so will “ultimately will depend” on the choice Americans make in the election, he added.

Stillman was one of 25 speakers — physicians, lawyers, academics, psychiatrists, psychologists, journalists — from seven countries who took part in the October 30/31 summit, which drew about 7,000 attendees, Coffin told LifeSiteNews.

“The hunger for the full truth about this draconian lockdown and its various sideshows is palpable,” he said, adding that he will likely host another summit in 2021. 

“This is not going away soon. The oligarchs do not hide their goal of squeezing the lemon on this pseudo-crisis for as long as the masses stay compliant and frightened. Hence the title ‘Truth Over Fear’.”

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