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NEW YORK, July 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The Manhattan District Attorney is expected to charge Donald Trump’s company and the company’s longtime chief financial officer over allegations of unpaid taxes later today.

“The indictments against the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, will remain sealed until Thursday afternoon, leaving the specific charges against them unclear,” according to a Washington Post report published late last night. “Earlier Wednesday, people familiar with the case said the charges were related to allegations of unpaid taxes on benefits for Trump Organization executives.”

“Trump himself is not expected to be charged this week, the people said, and no others in his orbit are expected to face imminent charges,” according to the Post. “But the indictments could mark a significant escalation in his legal problems — both by exposing his company to potential fines and by raising the pressure on Weisselberg.” 

Prosecutors are putting pressure on Weisselberg, hoping he will turn and testify against the former President in exchange for decreasing whatever charges the DA’s office has contrived.  The New York Times said in a headline that the charges will test Weisselberg’s loyalty.   

After news of the pending indictments was widely published yesterday, Weisselberg reportedly turned himself into the Manhattan DA’s office early this morning. 

Manhattan DA’s office years-long crusade to destroy President Trump

For years the Manhattan DA’s office has been on a politically-motivated mission to find something — anything — with which to charge former President Trump, members of his family, or his organizations.  

The fact that New York prosecutors have continued to scrounge for charges even after Trump left office displays a kind of third world dictatorial mindset seeking to punish and/or destroy the lives of political enemies.  

The charges are said to be based on allegations that Weisselberg received “off the books” perks — such as debt forgiveness, cars, or rent-free apartments — in order to avoid paying income taxes.  

“A sole focus on fringe benefits would be unusual, former prosecutors said. It is rare to charge an individual or company for failure to pay taxes on employee benefits alone, though such charges are used as part of larger cases,” explained The Wall Street Journal’s Corinne Ramey and Deanna Paul. “Some lawyers said that if prosecutors were going after the Trump Organization for fringe benefits alone, when few other companies face such charges, it would risk making the probe look biased.”

Weisselberg “is now being used by the Manhattan district attorney as a pawn in a scorched-earth attempt to harm the former president,’ said a Trump organization spokesperson. “The district attorney is bringing a criminal prosecution involving employee benefits that neither the IRS nor any other district attorney would ever think of bringing.”

“This is not justice; this is politics,” added the spokesperson. 

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PETITION: Tell Republican Chair to stop promoting LGBT agenda and 'pride' month
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In the latest in a series of official endorsements by the GOP, the Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel recently issued a statement promoting so-called "pride" month and the agenda of the LGBT movement.

By forcing the LGBT agenda on the party faithful and would-be Republican voters, the RNC is seriously disrespecting their mostly conservative and Christian values.

Please SIGN this urgent petition to the RNC telling them to stop promoting the normalization of homosexual and transgender lifestyles, and the sexualization of politics in the United States.

Ever since Romney McDaniel took over as the head of the RNC in 2017, the leadership of the party has been tying itself, ever-more-closely, to this socially, morally and politically corrupt agenda, much to the dismay of the party faithful.

This is a colossal mistake for the party and society for three reasons:

  1. Attempting to normalize a lifestyle which is objectively disordered, is wrong and deceptive. The natural family and marriage between one man and one woman should be supported, not practices which have a decidedly destructive effect on individuals and society.
  2. If the party gives in to the LGBT agenda now, LGBT activists will never be satisfied. They will force the GOP to push more and more aberrant views, practices, policy and laws. That will be unhealthy for society and, ultimately, bad for the party, as people, who would otherwise support the party, will be driven away by pandering to this agenda which is based on personal, rather than societal, issues.
  3. By spending time and resources trying to court the LGBT community, which makes up 1-2% of the voting population, the GOP is losing opportunities to gain the support of much larger constituencies in the country, like Hispanic and Black voters, who make up 26%+ of the vote. Recent elections prove that Hispanics and Blacks can be won over to the party on economic policy and other substantive issues, rather than on identity politics.

Of course, people with homosexual inclinations must be respected, but the normalization of homosexuality (and, other sexually-confused inclinations) in society must be rejected.

Ultimately, the Republican Party should stand for the common good, not just the good of the individual based on sexual practices which do not actually benefit society. Otherwise, they will become indistinguishable from the other major party.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition which tells the GOP to stop promoting the harmful LGBT agenda and the so-called 'pride' events which endanger the innocence and morals of everyone involved.

Thank you!


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'GOP chair praises LGBT activist group’s work to ‘transform’ the Republican party' -

'Pride Month shows: Christians must opt out of mainstream culture in America' -

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The campaign promises of the four 2018 Democratic candidates for New York Attorney General are emblematic of the visceral Trump-hatred that possesses politically-minded liberal Manhattan attorneys. Each was “adamant about using the power of the office, once elected, to attack President Trump,” according to a 2018 New York Post report. “Each envisions his or her role as attorney general as a kind of adjunct to special counsel Robert Mueller in the fight against the president.”

The greatest witch hunt of all time

“Radical Left New York City and State Prosecutors, who have let murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and all other forms of crime skyrocket to record levels, and who have just announced that they will be releasing hundreds of people involved in violent crime back onto the streets without retribution of any kind, are rude, nasty, and totally biased in the way they are treating lawyers, representatives, and some of the wonderful long-term employees and people within the Trump Organization,” said Trump in a statement earlier this week.

“After hundreds of subpoenas, over 3 million pages of documents, 4 years of searching, dozens and dozens of interviews, and millions of dollars of taxpayer funds wasted, they continue to be ‘in search of a crime’ and will do anything to frighten people into making up the stories or lies that they want, but have been totally unable to get,” he continued. 

“It is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time,” added the former President.