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(LifeSiteNews) — Manitoba’s provincial health organization has lifted mask mandates in most acute, long-term and community settings.

As of today, most visitors, patients, and workers in healthcare facilities will not have to wear masks, according to an announcement from Shared Health, Manitoba’s provincial health organization.

“The changes in masking requirements are based on advice given by infection prevention and control experts and reflect the changes we’ve seen with virus transmission in our province over the past year,” Shared Health COO and chief nursing officer Monika Warren said, despite multiple studies proving masking to be ineffective at limiting the spread of the coronavirus.  Other studies have shown that prolonged masking is even associated with negative health effects.

A Manitoba nurse wishing to remain anonymous told LifeSiteNews, “The nurses at my hospital are so excited that we can now smile at our patients.”

“Face-to-face interactions are so important to our care,” she continued. “We’re also relieved not to have constant mask-induced headaches after 8- to 12- or even 16-hour shifts.”

“Hopefully, this makes other provinces realize that they can do the same,” the nurse added.

Currently, the only provinces in Canada that do not require proof of COVID-19 vaccination are Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Most provinces are still enforcing mask and vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, despite some hospitals being understaffed as they are unable to hire unvaccinated staff.

In April, the mayor of the small Canadian city of Merritt, British Columbia demanded the province rehire healthcare workers let go for refusing COVID-19 vaccination as the area’s only hospital was forced to close its emergency room 10 times because of staffing shortages, leaving the nearest ER more than an hour away.

Furthermore, healthcare professionals in Canada have been discouraged and even forbidden in some cases to publicly speak out against vaccine injuries. Earlier this month, a Canadian nurse who posted online about COVID jab injuries was pronounced innocent after being accused of “unprofessional conduct.”

Recently, as reported by LifeSiteNews, a Manitoba family has filed a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca after their 21-year-old son suffered a stroke and became legally blind after getting vaccinated.

Moreover, as reported by LifeSiteNews, worldwide data also shows there has been a large surge in what analysts and experts refer to as “excess deaths” since the rollout of the vaccines when compared with the pre-COVID period.