Dear readers,

  There are some very significant items for your benefit in today’s news. Off the top there is a letter by the great grandson of a great 19th century hero William Wilberforce. Fr. Gerard Wilberforce writes that were his great grandfather alive today he’d be a pro-life activist.

  Today is also Terri’s Day – the commemoration of a very sad chapter in the history of the United States where three years ago today Terri Schindler Schiavo died at the hands of doctors who refused her water or any food or fluids for over two weeks. Please take a moment to email the family your condolences.

  Another American Catholic bishop has taken a public stand against a Catholic college in his diocese that is welcoming a pro-abortion politician to speak on campus – this time Hillary Clinton. It is encouraging to see bishops finally taking bold action on this common trend of many years. We look forward to them taking the next logical step of removing the “Catholic” designation from such persistently anti-Catholic “Catholic” colleges in their respective dioceses.

  Many of our readers will likely refrain from taking their families to McDonald’s after reading today’s story.

  For life,
  John-Henry Westen