OTTAWA, April 26, 2013 ( – After marching for life through the streets of Ottawa on May 9, those lucky enough to get a seat later that evening at one of two simultaneous dinners hosted by Canada’s political arm of the pro-life movement will be in for more than a culinary treat.

Campaign Life Coalition’s (CLC) Rose Dinner features keynote speaker is Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

Considering the 2013 March for Life’s theme – that the words “‘It’s a girl!’ should not be a death sentence” – there is no better choice for a speaker than Littlejohn.

Littlejohn’s international coalition has exposed forced abortion, gendercide, and sexual slavery in China. Littlejohn has personally led the dramatic international effort to free blind activist Chen Guangcheng, who arrived to freedom in the United States last May 19.


The Youth Banquet features keynote speaker Jason Jones. As a movie producer and pro-life activist with his own gripping testimony about how abortion shattered his life, Jones will be sure to engage, inspire, and motivate all present.

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Jones produced the internationally acclaimed pro-life film Bella in 2006 and recently co-produced a short film along with Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Malette called Crescendo.

Only a few seats remain for both dinners.


Yoli Singson of Campaign Life Coalition told that 751 young people are signed up for the Youth Banquet, with room for about 100 more.

Singson said that more than 700 young people will be attending the Youth Conference on Friday May 10, the day after the March.

Beginning at 8 a.m., the Youth Conference & Workshops arms young people with cutting edge knowledge and strategies to transform their local communities into places where human life is respected and cherished. Reggie Littlejohn will be there to share her experiences.

Organizers are urging young people wishing to attend the conference to register as quickly as possible so as to allow the conference team to order sufficient food and supplies.


Rose Dinner featuring Reggie Littlejohn, May 9, 6 pm

Hampton Inn, 200 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON

$75 per person or $750 to block a table of ten

Call CLC in advance for tickets 800-730-5358


Youth Banquet featuring Jason Jones, May 9, 6 pm

Hampton Inn, 200 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON

$45 for students, $75 for teachers and chaperones

Call CLC in advance for tickets 800-730-5358


Youth Conference & Workshops, May 10, 8 am

Hampton Inn, 200 Coventry Road.

$45 for student, teacher or chaperone.

Price includes taxes and a working lunch.

Call CLC in advance for tickets 800-730-5358


Schedule of events for the 2013 National March for Life in Ottawa.

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