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Shannon Skinner with baby Amelia, who survived the first stage of a medical abortion: "I call her our miracle baby because we just don’t know how she survived. She must have really wanted to be here." John Lawrence

October 20, 2016 (SPUC) — The Daily Mail has published an article in which several mothers recount their experiences of being pressured into having an abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic.

Two of the mothers told the Daily Mail that their babies survived taking the first of the two pills used in a medical abortion. One, Sophie, told the reporter of the response when she told clinic staff that she didn't want to continue with the abortion.

“I explained that I felt trapped and pressured,” she says. “I told the nurse I didn't want to take the second tablet. But she told me I was being a 'silly girl'; that as I had already taken one, my baby would be deformed.

Sophie managed to leave the clinic, and sought help from a pro-life group, who took her to a doctor who prescribed progesterone to counteract the effect of the abortion pill. They also helped her financially, and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

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The report comes as Marie Stopes begins to resume normal operations, after the Care Quality Commission (CQC), in August took the unusual step of halting the 250 abortions carried out each week nationwide at the organisation's clinics as a result of “specific immediate concerns” regarding consent, safeguarding, training and the competence of staff.

Reprinted with permission from Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.