Christine Dhanagom


Maries Stopes doc cleared of sexual abuse charges

Christine Dhanagom

MANCHESTER, U.K., August 25, 2011 ( – An anesthetist at a Marie Stopes abortion facility in Manchester has been cleared of wrongdoing after being accused of using the hands of unconscious women to perform sexual acts on himself as they underwent abortions.

Two staff members at the abortion facility alleged that in 2008 they witnessed Dr. Narendra Sharma’s sexual misdemeanors.

But on Monday, Britain’s General Medical Council ruled that Council lawyer Tim Smith had failed to prove the charges.

Fitness to Practise Panel chair Dr. Alan Montgomery noted that the burden of proof rests on the Council rather than on the accused.  While he agreed that Dr. Sharma had moved the patients’ hands below the operating table, he said the Council’s lawyers had failed to prove the more explicit parts of the allegations.

In April 2009, the Manchester Crown Court acquitted the anesthetist of the same abuse charges.

Sharma reportedly claimed that he could not find the right pants size.  He said he had to keep them on with medical tape, but that they partially fell down when a patient kicked.

During both proceedings he maintained that he was a victim of racism.

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