OTTAWA, September 22, 2005 ( – A plan to sell pot through pharmacies in Canada is back, with intended sales starting in early 2006.

Canada once again follows on the Netherlands heels, with medicinal marijuana being stocked by some pharmacies for the use of authorized patients. The first drugstores to carry the drug will be in British Columbia, with the remainder of the country following suit by 2008.

Health Canada currently authorizes 943 people nation-wide to make use of the drug; 237 access pot through Prairie Plant Systems, while the remainder grow their own.

A 2004 StatsCan survey revealed that drug use among teenagers had doubled in 13 years, from 1.5 million users in 1989 to 3 million by 2002. The rate of hard drug use – notably crack and cocaine – had increased by a similar margin during the same period.

New Zealand researchers have established that marijuana use doubles the risk of developing a mental illness like schizophrenia.

Smoking Pot Doubles Mental Illness Risk
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