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Mark Houck and his family outside the Elizabeth Blackwell abortion facility in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaPhoto courtesy of Thomas Gilmartin

PHILADELPHIA (LifeSiteNews) — Weeks after he was acquitted of two federal charges over a minor altercation with a Planned Parenthood “escort” outside a Philadelphia abortion facility, pro-life Catholic sidewalk counselor Mark Houck and his entire family returned to the same abortuary to pray.

Photos shared with LifeSiteNews show Houck outside Planned Parenthood’s Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center on Locust Street in Philadelphia with his family and a crowd of other pro-life advocates.

In comments to The Daily Signal, Houck said he and his family went to the clinic “because this is what we do.”

Photo courtesy of Thomas Gilmartin

“It’s our mission to stand up for women, men, and the pre-born child,” he said, adding “I will be there every week, God willing.”

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The Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center is the same abortion facility outside which Houck and abortion “escort” Bruce Love in 2021 engaged in what Thomas More Society attorney Peter Breen, who represented Houck in his criminal trial, called “a sidewalk squabble that has turned into a federal case.”

LifeSiteNews previously reported that Houck and his family were subjected to a dawn raid by President Joe Biden’s FBI last year after the Department of Justice (DOJ) took up the case, with dozens of heavily armed agents swarming the Houcks’ Pennsylvania property.

The DOJ later charged Houck with two felonies for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act when he pushed Love, who he said had been verbally harassing his then 12-year-old son.

Houck was acquitted of both charges on January 30.

Speaking to reporters immediately after his acquittal, Houck said he was “grateful” that “justice” was “finally served,” LifeSiteNews previously reported. Outside the courthouse, Houck prayed along with his family, legal team, and pro-life supporters, referencing Matthew 19:26 in affirming that with God and through the power of prayer “we can do anything.”

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On Wednesday, Houck was back outside the abortion facility to pray for moms and their babies.

Photos show the family standing outside the clinic holding rosaries while a cadre of Planned Parenthood “escorts” stand nearby clad in rainbow vests.

On the outside of the baby-killing facility, a rainbow-colored banner reads “PRIDE.”

According to the Daily Signal, Houck said roughly 40 pro-life advocates were there with his family to pray and participate in what he termed “a rally of sorts.”

“He described his children as ‘joyful’ and ‘excited’ for him to have the freedom to pray at the abortion facility again,” the outlet reported.