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(LifeSiteNews) — A nationally prominent homosexual veterinarian and dog show judge who is “married” to another man is being held without bond for allegedly distributing child pornography and drugging children in order to sexually assault them. FBI agents raided his home and arrested him before he could travel to California this week to receive his own legal son purchased via surrogacy — a newborn baby boy whom he planned to sexually assault.

Adam Stafford King, a Chicago-area veterinary ophthalmologist who had been scheduled to be a judge at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, was arrested by the FBI and charged with one count of knowingly distributing child pornography.

“Chicago-area vet and well-known national dog show judge Adam King, 39, has been arrested on disturbing child porn charges alleging he posted in an online chat his plan to sexually assault his newborn child,” Chicago Tribune reporter Jason Meisner wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“He also posted ultrasound images and baby outfits,” he added.

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Using the handle @pervchiguy on the homosexual app “Scruff” and the messaging app Telegram, King had confided to a fellow pedophile living in New York that he prefers to sexually abuse children under age 10.

CBS News reported that “King also allegedly sent the person in New York several videos of child pornography, including at least three different videos of men sexually assaulting preteen boys,” and that he “claimed he had drugged and sexually abused his nieces and nephews.”

According to CBS, King allegedly wrote, “I generally use Benadryl,” noting that it provides a “wide safety margin” and is “easy,” claiming “it generally takes 30-45 min(utes),” and “I usually double an adult dose.”

The report continued:

King also allegedly claimed that he and his husband were expecting the birth of a child by a surrogate on March 29, and that he planned to sexually assault the child after it is born. He also allegedly sent the person in New York an ultrasound image of the unborn child, and a photo of a baby outfit he and his husband got for Christmas.

“I do love the idea of inviting a buddy over when I have my boy … just has to be someone I can trust obviously,” King allegedly wrote in a message.

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“This is heinous, heinous conduct,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Stone, arguing during King’s bond hearing that he should not be released pending his trial.

“If the FBI had not stepped in and arrested him, he would be in California right now,” the prosecutor noted.

‘Surrogacy puts children at risk for the worst kinds of abuse’

“He was just about to head to California to collect the surrogate child but was prevented due to a child porn arrest,” said Katy Faust, a children’s right’s activist, author, and founder of Them Before Us.

“How many babies are being sexually assaulted by their ‘parents’ because they were purchased through Big Fertility?” Faust asked.

In a commentary published at The Federalist earlier this year titled “Meet 5 Accused Pedophiles Who Bought Kids Through Surrogacy,” Faust called attention to the troubling fact that “the fertility industry is handing designer babies over to men with zero vetting or scrutiny of their mental fitness or criminal history.”

“Surrogacy puts children at risk for the worst kinds of abuse,” Faust said.

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“So this dude and his ‘husband’ were buying this baby via surrogacy that he planned to sexually abuse for money,” conservative opinion writer Allie Beth Stuckey said.

“So what happens to the baby now?” she asked.

“The fact that we have virtually no regulations around child-buying in the United States is wild,” Stuckey added.

“Whether or not the child ends up abused, whether it’s paid or altruistic, whether it’s traditional or gestational, and regardless of the intended parent’s household composition, surrogacy always violates the rights of the child,” explained Faust, an international children’s rights activist.

“It is not a problem that can be solved through regulation. The only way to protect children is to ban surrogacy worldwide,” she warned.

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