Matthew Hoffman


‘Married’ homosexual molested dozens at Dutch day care centers, say police

Matthew Hoffman

BRUSSELS, December 14, 2010 ( - A homosexual daycare worker has been accused of molesting dozens of children in his charge. He and his male “spouse” are also accused of possession of child pornography generated from the abuse, which was reportedly distributed internationally through internet pedophile networks.

“Robert M.,” as he is identified by police, is a 27-year-old Lithuanian who reportedly moved to the Netherlands in 2004 and “married” his homosexual partner, a Dutch citizen, in 2008, receiving his own Dutch citizenship as a result.

He worked in at least two Dutch daycare centers from 2007 to 2010, and offered his services privately over the internet, claiming he was a “trained and experienced” babysitter. Police say they are continuing to investigate M’s contacts with children, which also extended to a stint as a volunteer in an African orphanage. The estimated tally of victims currently stands at 53.

Also under arrest is M’s homosexual “husband,” 37-year-old “Richard Van O,” who was reportedly found with child pornography in his possession. The couple was reportedly in the process of adopting a child.

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