TORONTO, Ontario, August 15, 2012 ( – Pro-life heroine Mary Wagner was arrested this morning just after 9:30 at an abortuary on the corner of Lawrence and Dufferin in Toronto.

Mary and five others arrived at the clinic at 9:05. She went into the building with Leeda Crawford, where she entered the offices of the abortion facility to offer counselling and roses to a woman who had just entered the clinic.

Crawford told LifeSiteNews that two female clinic workers removed Mary into the hallway, where she stayed until the police arrived. The clinic workers called the police when she refused to leave the building.


Police arrived at the clinic 20 minutes later and arrested Mary.

Mary was arrested last year in November 2011 for entering Bloor West Women’s Clinic, where she had already been arrested twice. A judge gave her a sentence of 90 days in jail earlier this year and told her that she cannot go within 500 feet of any facility that does abortions.

Crawford said that Mary had already been arrested at this clinic once before.

Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, applauded Wagner’s peaceful activism. “She is a hero to all of us, showing us a good example of readiness to sacrifice whatever it takes to save the babies,” he said.

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