TORONTO, ON, November 8, 2011 ( – It doesn’t happen very often that Grandmother Linda Gibbons and 36-year-old Mary Wagner fing themselves both out of jail and able to spend some time together.

Wagner, who greatly admires Gibbons for enduring over six years of incarceration for repeatedly offering help to women considering abortion, was able to join Gibbons this past weekend when both spoke at a Campaign Life Coalition conference in London, Ontario. Today, Gibbons accompanied the younger Wagner to the door of the West Women’s clinic in Toronto where Wagner was arrested for entering the abortion facility and counseling women for two hours inside.

The two oft-arrested pro-life activist women, accompanied by friends Leeda Crawford and John Bulsza, first went to the Women’s Care Clinic at Lawrence and Dufferin streets, which Mary had planned to enter in an attempt to dissuade women from abortion. However, they discovered that the facility was closed until Thursday. Mary then decided to carry out her special mission for the unborn and their vulnerable mothers at the Bloor West Women’s Clinic, where she was previously arrested on December 23 and August 12th of this year. (See brief video of arrest taken by Crawford – Note Gibbons at the end of the video)


Leeda Crawford states that Mary entered the abortuary at 11 a.m. She carried roses, which a man told Crawford were given by Wagner to two women inside who were considering abortion.  However, the roses were later found on the floor in the hallway to the facility.

While Wagner was inside, Gibbons and Bulsza handed out literature to passersby and people coming out of the building. Bulsza is reported to have been especially concerned about a young women who came out looking crushed and upset, with bloodshot eyes and weeping. She was accompanied by an older woman who was also was in a state of grieving. Bulsza regretted he hadn’t been able to give them any information before they entered the building.

Wagner came out at about 1 p.m. obviously under arrest, accompanied by a police officer. She yelled out to Bulsza and Gibbons to pray for Tony and Linda who were presumably still in the abortion clinic considering an abortion.