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(LifeSiteNews) – An elementary school Parent Teachers Association invited students to pay homage to LGBTQ ideology by having them hold a “pride” flag while reciting LGBTQ values.

Montgomery County Public Schools’ Cedar Grove Elementary announced that the school “will be celebrating love, respect, and tolerance with a video compilation of our students holding a large poster” of the rainbow “pride” flag and saying the words “love, respect, freedom, tolerance, equality, and pride,” Daily Caller reported.

A since-deleted Cedar Grove Elementary PTA Facebook post pointed out that parents had to opt-in their children by signing a form in order to have them participate.

“I will be recording these video segments during recess at school. The video compilation will be uploaded to our school YouTube channel; however, no names will be attached to the video,” the Cedar Grove Elementary PTA post read.

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Karina Hirshhorn, the school’s media specialist and point of contact for the activity, tweeted May 10, “Very excited and grateful to end the year with our June love and tolerance project! It’s not just about book displays in the media center, it’s about getting the entire student body involved!” #lovemyjob #pride2022 #kidlit

According to Daily Caller, the post included a picture of the rainbow-striped flag the elementary schoolers will hold, inscribed with one of the LGBTQ values on each stripe of the flag.

Christopher Cram, Montgomery County Public School’s director of communications, told the Daily Caller how the activity was approved by the elementary school.

“A staff member proposed the event which was then discussed by the principal and school leadership team for feedback and input. The team agreed that this was a positive initiative aligned to the school values,” Cram said.

Montgomery County Public Schools has an entire webpage devoted to “LGBTQ+ information,” including a “Great LGBTQIA+ Guide,” which includes resources directing youth and their parents to “trans health care” and “LGBTQ-affirming faiths.”

LifeSiteNews contacted Karina Hirshhorn for comment, but has not heard back as of publishing.