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ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (LifeSiteNews) — Maryland Democrat Governor Wes Moore is basking in praise from national abortion activists after announcing an additional $15.6 million in funding aimed at promoting abortion in the Old Line State, especially in rural areas.

Moore promised a $5 million increase in Medicaid provider reimbursements for abortion and so-called “reproductive services” in 2025 in addition to releasing a $10.6 million grant to the University of Maryland in Baltimore awarded by the Maryland Department of Health to administer Maryland’s “Abortion Care Clinical Training Program” (ACCTP).

Maryland’s previous governor, socially liberal Republican Larry Hogan, had prevented the distribution of the ACCTP funds.

The Moore Administration said the funding will be used in part to “expand the number of healthcare professionals with abortion care [sic] training” and “increase racial and ethnic diversity among health care professionals” who commit abortions.

Pro-life advocates, however, foresee grave danger to both the unborn and to their mothers resulting from the increased funding.

“Governor Wes Moore’s decision to release $10 million more in abortion funding puts women’s health in jeopardy,” Jeffrey S. Trimbath, president of the Maryland Family Institute, told LifeSiteNews. “It furthers his apparent dream to bring Gosnell’s house of horrors to Maryland.”

“It does that because the money is specifically to train non-doctors to do abortions, so by definition, it compromises the health of women,” explained Trimbath.

Trimbath was referring to notorious Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who butchered women and babies for decades. He was convicted in 2013 of murdering a handful of the reported “hundreds” of newborn children whose spines he severed with scissors in this West Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society.

Moore claimed in a statement announcing the funding that “access” to abortion “is a fundamental right.” Live Action’s Bridget Sielicki disagreed:

Despite this statement, there is no ‘fundamental right’ to the direct and intentional homicide of a preborn child, as that child is either deprived of the nutrients it needs to survive, pulled apart limb by limb, or poisoned in its mother’s womb. There is no right for any person to kill another innocent human in the name of ‘freedom.’ Killing is not reproductive health care.

Expressing himself on social media in a way that ominously pits the lives of the unborn against their mothers, Moore said, “As long as I am the Governor of Maryland, we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that our home remains a safe haven for abortion and reproductive health care access [sic],” Moore promised.

Moore predicted that Maryland voters this fall will approve a radical amendment to the state’s constitution that would add a “right” to abortion. 

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“Maryland’s abortion laws have reached an alarming level of relentlessness, surpassing some of the nation’s most extreme propositions,” wrote the Maryland Family Institution in an open letter to the state’s voters warning against the amendment.

“This Amendment legally codifies that extremism, urging voters to condone the termination of innocent lives in the womb,” continues the warning. “It solidifies restrictions that would make it virtually impossible to implement any reasonable limitations on abortion practices in the future.”

National pro-abortion activists: ‘Thrilled’

Moore’s anti-life efforts won him the approval of the nation’s most extreme abortion activist groups.

“I can’t say enough how proud we are here at Planned Parenthood of Maryland” about the expansion of abortion in the state, said Karen Nelson, Planned Parenthood of Maryland president and CEO.

“We are thrilled about the launch of Maryland’s Abortion Care Clinical Training Program and extremely proud to represent our members in the project’s implementation,” said Melissa Fowler, chief program officer of the radical National Abortion Federation.

The abortion activist added her hopes that Maryland “remains a haven” for the murder of the unborn.