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Maryland governor candidate aims to irk President Trump, Fox News viewers with gay kiss commercial

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MARYLAND, June 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In a campaign stunt meant to be a slap in the face to President Donald Trump and his supporters, a gay Maryland Democrat running for his party’s nomination for governor has released a commercial that ends with him kissing his “husband.”   

In order to make sure the president and his most ardent supporters witness the homosexual kiss, the ad began running Thursday on the Fox News Network’s Fox & Friends show throughout the Washington D.C. metro area. It will also be on cable TV in Montgomery County, Maryland, which the left-wing gay candidate, Rich Madaleno, now represents as a state senator.

The commercial – meant to portray the candidate as a progressive social justice warrior standing up to the President and Republicans – is a 30-second litany of his pro-abortion and liberal record as a Maryland state legislator.

‘Take that, Trump!’

“I’m running for governor to deliver progressive results and to stand up to Donald Trump,” the candidate explains at the beginning. “Here are a few of the things I’ve already done that infuriate him.”  

Standing among various representative constituencies – mostly women and children used as props – Madaleno proclaims:

  • “I’ve protected Planned Parenthood from the Republicans in Congress.”
  • “I helped ban assault weapons in Maryland.”  
  • “I believe in public schools, not vouchers.”

“Take that, Trump,” a little girl says when Madaleno expresses his opposition to school choice. “And Betsy DeVos,” a young boy adds cheekily.

For the coup de grâce, Madaleno asks, “And what’s the number one way I piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans?”

He then plants a sloppy kiss on the lips of his “husband” before turning back to the camera, saying, “Take that, Trump!”

Unmentioned in the ad, earlier this year Madaleno sponsored a controversial bill which is now Maryland law, prohibiting licensed medical professionals from helping minors overcome same-sex attraction.

Support for Madaleno trails behind other Democrats

The commercial is being hailed “historic” and “groundbreaking” by gay politicos and mainstream media, who have gleefully reported on the commercial’s homosexual kiss.  According to a campaign email, USA Today, Newsweek, and the New York Times have touted the ad.   

On Facebook, Madaleno’s “husband,” Mark Hodge, deemed this “the kiss seen round the world.”

This is “the first political ad in American history to feature a kiss between a candidate and a same-sex spouse,” said the LGBTQ Victory Fund, which aims to elect homosexual and “transgender” persons to public office.

Yet as Maryland’s June 26 primary day looms, the ad featuring the candidate as a sloppy lip-kissing middle-aged man appears to be nothing more than a desperate, last-ditch attempt for votes.

Among the state’s seven Democrats vying for their party’s nomination, Madaleno is currently in fourth place, attracting just 6 percent of the vote. Ben Jealous, former president and chief executive officer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), leads with 21 percent. The next two candidates come in at 12 percent and 8 percent respectively.

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