Maryland Schools to Teach that Sexual Deviance is Normal this Fall

Thu Aug 16, 2007 - 12:15 pm EST

By Elizabeth O’Brien

ROCKVILLE, MD, August 16, 2007 ( - Barring a court overruling within the next few weeks, the Montgomery County School Board is scheduled to go ahead this fall and teach middle and high school students that various forms of sexual deviance are normal, the New York Times Reports.

Parents & Friends of Gays & Ex-Gays (PFOX), Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum (CRC) and other pro-family groups have been battling the highly controversial material for years. Parents won a victory in 2004 when the courts granted a delay on the issue. After the Maryland State Board of Education (MSBE) approved the curriculum this July, the Michigan-based Thomas More Law Center also agreed to support the efforts of families in a last-moment effort to halt the curriculum from entering schools.

Nevertheless, the curriculum is set to go ahead. Unless the Montgomery County Circuit Court overturns the MSBE ruling or unless the case is brought before the Maryland State Court of Appeals, students will be learning this fall that homosexuality is "innate" and that anal sex is a legitimate and healthy sexual option.

According to the CRC website, the curriculum also supports transsexuals having sex change operations. It states, "While cross-dressers change their clothes, transsexuals sometimes change their body by means of hormone therapy or sexual reassignment surgery to match how they feel." A video also instructs eight graders how to use a condom.

In addition, students must read the testimonies of individual homosexuals.(To read some of the testimonies in the new curriculum:

The curriculum encourages students to announce their sexual orientation, saying, "People can identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender at any point in their lives." CRC, however, notes that such labelling during adolescence has been shown to increase suicide rates among young people.

The lessons also crack down on children who oppose homosexuality for religious reasons as "homophobic." Among a plethora of other dangerous inaccuracies, the curriculum fails to properly inform students about chastity and marriage. The word "marriage" is not even mentioned in the 8th and the 10th grade material.

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