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BALTIMORE, Maryland, November 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Maryland’s pro-abortion Republican Governor Larry Hogan said in a keynote speech on Monday to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Institute that the “time has come” for President Donald Trump to concede the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

“More and more people are giving him that advice but he’s not listening,” said Hogan, a frequent Trump critic who admitted he wrote in Ronald Reagan’s name on his ballot for the 2020 presidential election.

“Like it or not, the president didn’t win,” he said. “Certainly, there is a process for challenging any irregularities we have but, so far, there hasn’t been any evidence and they haven’t won any cases.”

Hogan may be positioning himself for a 2024 presidential run. CNN asked if he was thinking about running for president in 2024, to which he replied, “A lot of people are encouraging me to think about it but I am in the middle of a state of emergency.”

CNN reported, “Hogan, who explored the possibility of challenging Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020, is essentially holding himself up as the possible leader of the Trump-less Republican Party and degrading the numerous Senators with eyes on that same role.”

Hogan banned therapy for unwanted sexual attractions in Maryland and categorized churches as non-essential during the coronavirus shutdown, even banning priests from being within six feet of parishioners, rendering the administration of Sacraments impossible.

A Baltimore Sun editorial asked in 2018 if Hogan was actually a closet Democrat, noting, “Maryland's governor supported legislation that will result in more than $700 million in tax increases. … The governor battled the Trump administration on clean cars and dirty power plants, supported three significant gun control measures and allowed bills to become law that establish automatic voter registration, protect LGBT youth and support public sector unions.”

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