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LAS VEGAS, Nevada (LifeSiteNews) —  A substitute teacher in Las Vegas made headlines after punishing a child for forgetting to wear his mask.  

The teacher, whose name has not been disclosed, is under investigation after taping masks to the faces of children in the classroom at Reedom Elementary School in Mountain’s Edge, Las Vegas.  

The substitute’s humiliating form of discipline came to light when a school administrator noticed a strip of tape running from a 9-year-old boy’s nose to his forehead. Disturbed, the administrator informed the principal, who visited the child’s classroom to find another pupil with tape on his face. The first boy told his mother that as many as 5 children had had masks taped to their faces since the beginning of the school year.  

The mother, who spoke with Fox 5 under condition of anonymity, said that she did not have a problem with the mask mandate but with the way her son was punished. She said that the boy had merely forgotten to replace his mask after having a sip of water. 

“The teacher did not tell him to put it back on or send him to the office,” the mother stated. 

“She instead pulled him up in front of the classroom of students, and she then taped the mask across the top of his face.” 

The mother told Fox 5 that the substitute had then added a second layer of tape, running from the boy’s nose to his forehead, which was noticed after he went to the school office to pick up forgotten homework dropped off by his father.  

A spokesperson for Reedom Elementary School said that the school administration had informed the child’s parents of the incident. 

“I was furious,” the mother told Fox. “I was scared for my son: the long-term effect it’s going to have on him socially, the fact that the entire class was laughing.” 

“He was very upset,” she added. “He was crying. He was humiliated.” 

 “I don’t think this woman has any business teaching children.” 

 The mother has filed a police report and said that she might put her son into a charter school. 


In response to FOX 5’s investigation, the school district stated that they were aware of this “isolated incident” and were dealing with the teacher through the “proper channels.” 

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PETITION: Ban COVID vaccine mandates for schools and universities!
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With the FDA's decision to officially approve the Pfizer COVID jab, calls to vaccinate schoolchildren and more university students will become louder and more insistent.

But, America's children and young people must be protected from unknown future side-effects of these drugs, and parents' rights must be respected!

Please SIGN this urgent petition which demands that COVID vaccine mandates for schools and universities be prohibited in every U.S. state.

This petition will be sent to the leaders of every state legislature and to every governor in the United States, urging them to pass emergency legislation banning vaccine mandates for primary, secondary and university students.

Students simply have the right to be educated without being forced to violate deeply held principles and their own bodily integrity!

But, unfortunately, some private schools, like the Jesuit-run Brophy College Prep School in Phoenix, Arizona, have already mandated the COVID vaccine for their students, in spite of massive parental opposition. If parents or students reject the vaccine, students face intrusive weekly testing and exclusion from extra-curricular activities.

Also, more and more universities have actually started to disenroll unvaccinated students. But, even where that is not happening, not taking the vaccine often subjects students to masking, extra testing and additional administrative obstacles.

And now, with the Pfizer jab approval, Joe Biden's Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, is threatening more mandates.

While it is true that the FDA approval for the Pfizer jab only pertains to those over 16 years of age, the pharmaceutical industry and some state actors have been pushing to get approval for pre-teens!

So, it stands to reason that the Federal government will try to impose vaccines on schools, for those 16 and over, as well as on all university students. But, eventually, such mandates could even apply to younger and younger schoolchildren.

That's why state legislatures and governors must fight back against any attempt to coerce school students to take a COVID vaccine against their will!

Science and logic should dictate public health policy. And both say that mandatory vaccination for children and university students is not only unnecessary, but very likely dangerous for the future health of America's youth.

The CDC reports that the rates of death, injury, and hospitalization are very, very low for children and adolescents and that COVID transmission in schools, both from student to staff and between students, is also very low.

And a European CDC study concluded that "no evidence has been found to suggest that children or educational settings are primary drivers of COVID transmission."

So, right now, we know that schoolchildren are at very low risk of becoming very ill as a result of COVID, or of even transmitting the virus.

But, we don't know how a hastily-prepared, unstudied vaccine will affect the health of millions of America's youth in the future.

Gambling with their future, and the future of our nation, should not even be entertained for one second!

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition urging state legislatures to ban COVID vaccine mandates for schools and universities - both public and private. Urge them to respect parents' rights, informed consent and bodily integrity.

Thank you!


'Ivy League schools mandate COVID-19 vaccines for fall' -

'FDA approval of Pfizer jab isn’t about our health, it’s about mandating the shots' -

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Arguments over mask mandates for children continue as school boards and medical professionals  insist that masks are a necessary precaution despite evidence that almost no children become seriously ill from COVID-19, and that masks do not slow the spread of respiratory viruses. Researchers have also warned that wearing masks for extended periods of time is harmful to children’s health and development. A  longitudinal study  published in May concluded that prolonged mask-wearing encourages dehydration, increasing the wearer’s risk of bacterial infection, and interferes with children’s social learning “by obscuring nonverbal communication.” 

In June a nurse for America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD)  described  mask mandates for children “child abuse”:  

According to the CDC children ages zero to twenty have a 99.997% survival rate for COVID 19.  Statistically almost all children infected with COVID 19 experience only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.  Requiring children to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth for seven to ten hours a day is child abuse.  Masks on the other hand hurt children developmentally, emotionally, and physically. A child’s brain develops rapidly, they learn from the world around them. Masks impair social interactions during crucial developmental phases partially in early childhood and adolescence. I am concerned we have damaged an entire generation of children.

In contrast, the CDC has recommended “universal indoor masking by all students (age 2 and older), staff, teachers, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.”