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BURLINGTON, Massachusetts (LifeSiteNews) — Children at a middle school in Massachusetts protested a “pride month” event by reportedly tearing down LGBT “pride” signs and banners and chanting U.S.A. are my pronouns.”  

A group of students at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Massachusetts, protested at a “pride month”-themed “spirit day” event on June 2. 

According to a report by, the “spirit day” LGBT event was approved by the school and sponsored by a group called the Spectrum Club — “a student group for LGBTQ+ students and allies.”  

Spectrum Club members decorated the middle school with LGBT “pride” flags and banners, gave out rainbow stickers, and “invited students and faculty to wear rainbow clothing.”  

They also put up “educational posters” with messages like “Why it’s not ok to say ‘That’s so gay.’” 

Some students expressed their displeasure with the event by tearing down the “pride” signs and banners, chanting “U.S.A are my pronouns” while wearing red, white, and blue clothes, and having their faces painted in colors of the American flag. 

According to, the protesting students were also reportedly seen being inappropriate” with the rainbow stickers.

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Marshall Simonds Middle School Principal Cari Perchase responded with a letter condemning the protest, saying that she is “truly sorry that a day meant for you to celebrate your identity turned into a day of intolerance.” 

“Schools are supposed to be a safe place for ALL students and faculty. Some community members’ actions created an unsafe environment for many of our students, caregivers, and faculty,” she stated. 

LGBT activists pushing for re-education 

LGBT activist groups are now seemingly using the incident to make an even stronger push for the indoctrination of students. 

In response to the anti-“pride month” protest, the Burlington Equity College, an LGBT activist organization that promotes “diversity and inclusion,” published a statement in which they called for “consequences for the students who participated in the counter protest.”  

They referred to the incident as “an opportunity for education for the whole community” and called on the school administration “to hire a DEI [diversity, equity, inclusion] Director for the district, a position which has now been unfilled for almost a year.”  

“We challenge Burlington town leadership to take an active stand against hate under the guise of ‘free expression,’” the activist group wrote in the statement. “We ask that the Select Board reinstate the recently disbanded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion subcommittee and set an unequivocal example for all Burlington residents that our community won’t accept acts of bigotry.” 

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Moreover, during a Burlington Select Board meeting, a mother asked the board if “you [could] use this as a teachable moment to show the kids who counter-protested Pride that they can take responsibility for their actions and still become allies?” 

Select Board member Mike Espejo also called for the vacant DEI director position to be filled and said that Burlington Public Schools Superintendent Eric Conti told him that they plan to draft a job description for the position soon, according to