Massachusetts Pro-family Activist Warns What Allowing Same-Sex “Marriage” Brings to Society

"This is about putting the legal stamp of approval on homosexuality and imposing it with force"
Thu Oct 23, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Kathleen Gilbert

BOSTON, MA, October 23, 2008 ( - As California, Florida and Arizona voters consider ballot initiatives to protect true marriage, a Massachusetts pro-family activist has issued a warning that describes from his own and other Massachusetts residents’ first-hand experience how public education and other aspects of society are radically altered when same-sex "marriage" is legalized.

"Anyone who thinks that same-sex ‘marriage’ is a benign eccentricity which won’t affect the average person should consider what it has done in Massachusetts," said Brian Camenker in his Mass Resistance report.  "It’s become a hammer to force the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality on everyone. And this train is moving fast. What has happened so far is only the beginning."

Camenker chronicled the spread of homosexual indoctrination in public schools, erupting first in high schools less than a month after the November 2003 court decision to allow same-sex "marriages."  Within the following year, elementary schools followed suit, installing often-pornographic homosexual literature in public school libraries, and teaching same-sex "equality" as early as the kindergarten level.  A Massachusetts parent made national headlines for insisting that parents at least be told when homosexual curriculum would be taught, a request the school repeatedly denied.  (

Camenker cited the words of an 8th-grade Massachusetts teacher, who told National Public radio that homosexuality’s new legal status changed her approach to teaching, giving her the confidence that she can teach homosexualist values with impunity. 

“In my mind, I know that, `OK, this is legal now.’ If somebody wants to challenge me, I’ll say, `Give me a break. It’s legal now,’” she told NPR, relating how she can discuss homosexual sex without fear of limitation.  For example, the Brookline teacher said she tells her students how lesbians have vaginal intercourse using sex toys. 

In the realm of public health, Camenker laments that the forced acceptance of homosexuality has become a distinct public health threat, and cites the rise of HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts since the legislation. 

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, headed by a homosexual man, has helped produce “The Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century,” which Camenker calls "a hideous work of obscene pornography which was given to kids at Brookline High School on April 30, 2005.  Among other things, it gives ‘tips’ to boys on how to perform oral sex on other males, masturbate other males, and how to ‘safely’ have someone urinate on you for sexual pleasure. It also included a directory of bars in Boston where young men meet for anonymous sex."

Businesses are also forced to "tolerate" homosexuals, says Camenker, especially the wedding industry – members of which can be arrested for discrimination if they do not acquiesce to a homosexual couple’s request for services. 

Homosexual couples in MA can now legally force adoption agencies to treat them on a par with heterosexual couples seeking children, even against the wishes of the birth baby’s parents. 

Also, while homosexual "marriages" are not even technically legal in Massachusetts, says Camenker, nonetheless Governor Mitt Romney gave Justices of the Peace the ultimatum of either performing homosexual "marriages" or losing their jobs.

"It’s pretty clear that the homosexual movement’s obsession with marriage is not because large numbers of them actually want to marry each other," said Camenker.

"This is about putting the legal stamp of approval on homosexuality and imposing it with force throughout the various social and political institutions of a society that would never accept it otherwise.

"To the rest of America: You’ve been forewarned."

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