BOSTON, March 28, 2013 ( – Massachusetts pro-life leaders are asking all voters who support the unborn to leave the Democratic Party – at least, for the next month.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life hopes the state's pro-life Democrats will re-register as “unenrolled,” so they can vote for Michael Sullivan in the GOP primary. Sullivan is one of five candidates seeking the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by John Kerry, who is now serving as Secretary of State.

Voters have until April 10 to register as “unenrolled” — not independent. The primary is April 30. They may then return to the Democratic Party, if they like, the group stated.

Sullivan supports parental notification, a late-term abortion ban, and opposes federal funding for abortion. That is far better than his opponents in either party, according to the group.

“Ed Markey is proud of having been “pro-choice” for many years. [Democratic opponent] Stephen Lynch says he is 'pro-life' but has received 0% or 10% from National Right to Life for his voting record each of the last six years,” said John Rowe, chairman of MFCL PAC. “Both Democrat candidates say they would vote against a nominee for Supreme Court Justice (or any other judge) who is opposed to Roe v. Wade – a litmus test which is unacceptable. ”

Republican Gabriel Gomez would not vote to change any abortion law, and Dan Winslow “brags about being the only candidate who has always been 'pro-choice,'” Rowe states.

These positions were on display as the five hopefuls held their first debate last night in the town of Needham. Sullivan also said he opposes same-sex “marriage.”

Democrats dominate Massachusetts politics. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans three-to-one, although a majority of the state's voters (52.6 percent) are “unenrolled.”

MFCL President Anne Fox told WGBH that Democrats make up a higher percentage of MCFL's membership than they do the overall Massachusetts electorate.