By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

August 14, 2008 ( – The commencement of a massive, mandatory vaccination program in Brazil has raised suspicions among international pro-life activists, who note that the program is similar to others in recent years that have included a hidden sterilizing agent in the vaccines.

The campaign, which was begun last week by Brazil’s pro-abortion Health Minister, Jose Gomes Temporao, claims that its goal is to annihilate rubella in the South American nation.

Temporao, who has expended considerable energy to legalize abortion, claims he is concerned about the fact that 17 Brazilian children each year suffer birth defects from the disease, in a nation of more than 180 million people. Rubella is normally little more than a nuisance for those who contract it, with symptoms that pass in a matter of days or weeks.

Although the number of children affected by Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) is less per capita than that of both the United Kingdom and Australia in the 1990s, Temporao is heading a mandatory program to vaccinate 70 million Brazilians, which would make it the largest vaccination in history.

Adolfo Castañeda of Human Life International notes that just two years ago, researchers found that the rubella vaccine used in a similar campaign in Argentina was laced with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), a pregnancy hormone that is necessary for a newly conceived zygote to implant in the uterine wall after conception.

When the body receives HCG in a vaccine, it perceives it as an intruder and creates antibodies that fight the presence of the hormone in the body. The body’s immunological response is turned against pregnancy, causing abortions when conception occurs.

“In 2006, there was a similar campaign to the current one in Brazil in Argentina,” Castañeda writes in a recent HLI bulletin. “The presence of HCG in various samples of the vaccine used against rubella were discovered. The suspicion that brought about the investigation was caused by the fact that there were very few cases of the disease in Argentina, which didn’t merit a large-scale campaign.”

Castañeda also notes that the age group of women targeted by the campaign is the same or similar to other programs that were proven to include sterilizing agents in vaccines.

“The age of the people who will be vaccinated is 12 to 49 years for women (reproductive age), and between 12 and 39 for men,” he writes. “The ages for women are the same as those who received the vaccines in Nicaragua, where they included a hormone that sterilizes the woman who receives it, and similar to the age of those who received another sterilizing hormone in the Philippines.”

In fact, as the Australian government notes in its journal, Communicable Diseases Intelligence, small children are the primary conduit for the disease, and highly-effective programs in the US and Australia have therefore focused on that group ( Yet the Brazilian government is ignoring children and is focusing on women in their childbearing years.

Brazilian pro-life activist Julio Severo, who is in hiding from the Brazilian government for his refusal to participate in forced vaccination programs, notes that, strangely, even those who have already received the vaccine, or who have already had rubella (thus ensuring immunity) will be required by the government to receive the vaccine during the current drive.

“If the campaign goal is really to eliminate rubella, then why vaccinate those already vaccinated?” he asks on his blog, Last Days Watchman. “Why compel the vaccination of those that had the illness in the past? It is a fact more than proven that an individual who has had rubella in the past will never have it again.”

Severo says that the campaign is seeking to find people wherever they congregate or travel, and there is no option but to receive the vaccine. In fact, he notes, the government has already carried out a widely-publicized prosecution of one woman because her children did not receive some of the mandatory vaccines. The woman’s children were taken from her custody, and co-workers who were aware of the situation and failed to report it were prosecuted. The story has appeared in the media as an example for those who might wish to resist the government’s efforts to forcibly vaccinate them.

He also points out that the same international agencies that are backing the current vaccination in Brazil have been involved in research on sterilizing vaccines for decades, and warns that these same groups, which are dedicated to abortion and population control, cannot be trusted.

“In the mass vaccination campaigns in Argentina, Nigeria, Philippines and other countries, UNICEF showed that it knows how to unite the worse intentions to the most angelic appearances,” writes Severo. “In Brazil, we have the assurance of Temporao that the mass vaccination campaign is only for protecting babies and helping families.”

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