Monday March 29, 1999


SUDBURY, ON, Mar 29 (LSN) Ontario Premier Mike Harris announced today a massive expansion of “park” lands whereby land is restricted from human use (for living, timber, or mining use). The total “protected lands” in Ontario alone will now equal three-quarters the size of England at 9.5 million hectares. Harris noted that the land restriction follows UN directives, directives which at the core aim to reduce human population. “We are protecting 12 per cent, which is based on the standard set by the United Nations,” said Harris.

In December 1992 Canada was the first industrialized country to sign the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity. The Canadian response to the Convention called the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy is a manifesto by environmentalist radicals claiming that “The global decline of biodiversity is now recognized as one of the most serious environmental issues facing humanity.” The convention lays the blame for the decline of biodiversity at the feet of “human population growth.” “Ecosystems are being degraded and species and genetic diversity reduced at an alarming rate due to the impact of our growing human population and increasing resource consumption rates,” says the document.

Thus the aim of programs which purport to stop the supposed loss of “biological diversity” is ultimately population control. Among the suggestions for attacking the problem include land restrictions by the creation of protected lands, and of course “access to family planning services.”

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