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 (LifeSiteNews) — The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has shared video clips on X of a remote meeting of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials discussing the agency’s imperative to reduce the ranks of white males throughout the aviation industry.  

“I’ve obtained internal footage of senior officials at the FAA’s Flight Program Operations division — which is responsible for all aspects of aircraft operations — workshopping a plan to reduce the number of white males in aviation,” began Walsh’s extraordinary thread 

Although the meeting took place in April 2022, as Walsh noted, its content has only become more troubling with ongoing developments within all aspects of the airline industry. 

LifeSiteNews has previously reported that the entirety of the airline industry — airlines, air traffic control (ATC), aircraft manufacturers, the FAA and other government agencies  charged with overseeing the smooth and safe functioning of the massive industry — is being hijacked by woke Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ideology, a move that may prove to be the greatest threat to safety and security in the history of aviation.  

The FAA was created for the sake of safety, not to correct perceived ‘inequity’ 

The troubling discussion among the officials in the video clips seems to indicate that the FAA has forsaken its prime directive “to provide the safest, most efficient aviation technology and airspace in the world” and instead is now elevating woke DEI considerations above all else.  

Nowhere in the clips are the officials seen discussing the impact that strong-arming the airline industry into ridding itself of white males will have on safety.    

“The footage begins with FAA acting deputy chief operating officer Angela McCullough saying more workers need to go from “ramp to cockpit,” meaning she wants to see more baggage handlers become airline pilots,” explained Walsh.  

Instead, the deputy chief operating officer emphasized that FAA officials “need to be willing to have a conversation about what’s standing in our way from approaching some of these things differently than we have historically approached them.”   

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McCullough then accused those in the meeting — most of whom appear to be middle-aged white males — of “internal bias” in their Flight Ops division.  

“Your whole program is very heavily male-dominated. It just is,” she declared. “And really it is white male-dominated.”   

Rather than pushing back on McCullough’s woke DEI assertions, David ‘Wil’ Riggins, the FAA’s Vice President of Flight Program Operations, himself a seasoned pilot and a white male, crumbled before the power of woke DEI ideology and applauded McCullough.  

“That’s great, honestly,” said Riggins. “Those are some words that we really need to spend some time digging through and thinking about.” 

Walsh said that in recent weeks members of the aviation industry have told him that “DEI is endangering the public and distracting them from their work.”   

We recently had a transgender pilot repeatedly receive negative reviews during his first-year probationary period from Captains he flew with regarding attitude, CRM, and judgment, yet the Chief Pilot’s Office (CPO) was unwilling to address the issue.  

Had this not been a transgender pilot, the individual would likely not have successfully completed their probationary period. Coincidentally, that CPO has a management pilot on staff who recently transitioned who is able to weigh in on these matters. 

“Delta routinely makes exceptions for trans-identifying pilots concerning grooming and behavioral standards,” wrote Walsh, quoting his source. “Internally, Delta has even published a lengthy guide for pilots who believe they were born in the wrong body.” 

Walsh cited another source whose “job is to design advanced military systems” but who is “constantly side-tracked by DEI proposals like ‘gender inclusive seatbelts.’”  

We hire college graduates with zero experience, who get assigned a project and immediately start pushing this nonsense. For context I work in a field where my job is to design military systems for the warfighter … and I have to deal with new-hires pitching me ideas about gender inclusive seatbelts. Companies are made up of (2) types of individuals – those who eat, sleep and breathe DEI/ESG (the pronoun in their e-mail signature people), and those who keep their mouths shut and do the work. 

“It’s only a matter of time until this combination of incompetence and anti-white discrimination leads to a major air disaster. The aviation industry needs a completely new mandate — one that’s focused solely on safety — before a lot of people die,” Walsh warned.  

“DEI is going to get people k*lled,” said Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik in response to Walsh’s thread.  

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, then fully affirmed that people will die due to DEI policies in the airline industry, saying simply, “100%.”  

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