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Matt Walsh in 'What is a Woman?'@realDailyWire/Twitter screenshot

(LifeSiteNews) — As the film continues to attract record views on social media, Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” documentary has reached number one on the Rotten Tomatoes list for streaming documentaries. 

On Sunday, the Daily Wire announced that the groundbreaking film had risen to the top of the entertainment website’s “Best Documentary Movies at Home” category for June 2023. 

Although only six critic reviews have been submitted to the site, Rotten Tomatoes’ overall quality rating is 83%. The current audience rating has dropped from 96% to 86%, a shift that Walsh blamed on criticism from “people who didn’t watch the film.” 

“What Is a Woman has been such a massive success that the Left can only resort to flooding the audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes with one-star ratings,” he wrote on Twitter. “If you actually did watch it, make sure to go leave your review.” 

There are currently more than 10,000 audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes alone. IMDb, another website that collects ratings and reviews for movies and TV shows, records a total of 717 audience reviews, 492 of which rank the film as 10/10 stars. Comparatively, 56 reviews gave an overall rating of one star, 75 gave nine and eight gave only a two-star rating. 

The breakthrough in reaching number one documentary on Rotten Tomatoes comes after the film was viewed nearly two million times on Twitter alone. As of Tuesday afternoon, “What Is a Woman?” had reached 177 million views on the platform. 

Previously, the documentary was temporarily censored by Twitter executives who cited that certain “misgendering” scenes violated the company’s “hate speech” policies. The Daily Wire had signed an agreement to stream the film for free for 24 hours in celebration of its one-year anniversary on June 1. Later, company owner Elon Musk called the suppression “a mistake” and then promoted it on his own account, saying that “every parent should watch this.” 

Since the restrictions have been removed, “What Is a Woman?” has dominated social media at the beginning of this year’s so-called “pride month,” pointing to a growing awareness and promotion of the truth behind radical gender ideology. 


Matt Walsh’s ‘What is a Woman?’ may be a watershed moment in the culture wars