VICTORIA, B.C., August 30, 2004 ( – Canada’s very own Wizard of Oz made what was billed as “a rare public appearance” on Tuesday night at the University of Victoria. Dr. Maurice Strong, the recipient of more honours than this page has room to list, very much resembles the man who ruled Oz with thunder and lightning machines.  “The battle is stalled,” he says. We “need a new momentum towards sustainability.” We must “break the inertia.” We must “train the collective will, institute educational measures and increase social pressures.” Lifestyles will “have to change, the transition must be forced.” And so on. He then makes a pitch for global governance and the Earth Charter, a document that he helped devise, which he sees as a “moral guide, the best I know.”………..  See the rest of this Special Report on “the Michelangelo of networking” by The National Post’s Elizabeth Nickson at: