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(LifeSiteNews) – Leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier said the Conservative Party of Canada is “infiltrated” by the “woke far left,” after blasting the party’s President for using so-called “trans-inclusive” pronouns in his Twitter bio.

“This woke guy with pronouns in his bio is the president of the Conservative Party of Canada. Still wondering why I left this morally and intellectually corrupt party?,” tweeted Bernier yesterday.

The president of the CPC Rob Batherson’s Twitter bio reads, “Business person, community volunteer, husband, father, son (he/him).”

His use of what is called the “trans-inclusive” gender pronoun of “he/him” said Bernier, is proof the party has been “thoroughly infiltrated by the globalist and woke far left.”

Batherson was quick to react to Bernier’s criticism, coming back to him tweeting in reply, “Sorry my free speech is so triggering to you, Max. Do you need a safe space from pronouns?”

“Or does freedom of expression under the Charter only apply to those who agree with you.  To each their own, pronouns or not,” added Batherson.

Bernier then shot back at Batherson, tweeting, “The Conservative Party of Canada’s woke president thinks I’m against free speech because I’m pointing out his ridiculous use of pronouns in his bio!”

“When are you officially merging with the Liberals?”

The adoption of what are termed “trans-inclusive” pronouns has been heavily promoted by those in the LGBT movement. This is despite the hard reality of one’s biological sex, as well as many people’s religious beliefs that God created “man” and “woman.”

This is also even though, statistically speaking in Canada at least, only 0.33 percent of Canadians identify as “transgender” or “non-binary,” according to recent data.

Canada recently passed a law banning so-called “conversion therapy,” which says it is “dangerous” and criminalizes “conversations between consenting adults.”

The proliferation of the use of trans pronouns has been on the rise in recent years, notably in public education.

However, a recent poll showed that the majority of Americans reject the use or mandating of trans pronouns in public schools.

Bernier once served as a cabinet minister under former conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper before leaving to create the People’s Party. He has been vocal on many issues affecting family and life.

Bernier just recently warned in a blog that “cancel culture” is destroying the foundation of the nation and that while focusing on the economy is important, even more so is fighting against the rise of “wokeism.”

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He also blasted “radical gender ideology,” taking issue with “radical” attacks on Canadian children via the public school system.

“Our children are being taught that they should feel guilty if they are white, or feel like helpless victims if they aren’t,” Bernier wrote.

He also chose not to get the COVID jabs and is currently challenging Canada’s injection travel mandate in court.

The CPC is currently in the middle of a leadership campaign, with the party to announce a winner on September 10.

Of the five candidates in the running, MP Leslyn Lewis is the only pro-life candidate. She has been firm in her opposition to unrestricted abortion and is the only one endorsed by Campaign Life Coalition.

The frontrunner MP Pierre Poilievre however, while seeming to be pro-freedom, is pro-abortion and pro-LGBT.