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Toronto Police cruiser wrapped in LGBT flagX/Screenshot

(LifeSiteNews) –– Leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier spared no words in blasting the Toronto Police Service after its “Progress Pride Flag-wrapped scout car” was seen driving across the streets of the city while crime remains at levels not seen for years.

“This is a Toronto Police car. Can someone explain to me the connection between preventing crime and promoting various sexual and gender identities?” wrote Bernier on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday. 

“We do live in a completely insane era.” 

The TPS’s “Progress Pride Flag-wrapped scout car” was introduced last year, with the force saying it helps “strengthen ties between the 2SLGBTQ+ and policing communities.” 

Speaking to LifeSiteNews, Bernier observed that the “woke” ideologies spreading across Canada, as seen by the fact a police car is now draped in pride colors, are due to “cultural Marxists” who “gradually infiltrated the education system, the media, and the art world, sectors where ideas are being transmitted, especially to younger generations who can more easily be brainwashed.” 

“Fast forward several decades and the brainwashed youths have infiltrated all institutions and sectors of society,” said Bernier. 

“Their focus in recent years has been to arouse and appeal to the lingering guilt that many people feel about previously discriminated or persecuted groups, in particular racial and sexual minorities, in order to presumably bring about ‘inclusion’ and ‘equity.’”  

Bernier told LifeSiteNews that the only way to stop the “radical policies” of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) agenda – which he calls a combination of “official discrimination against white heterosexual males” and the “promotion of weird mental illnesses” – is for people to fight back against those seeking to undermine “traditional norms and values.”

“These woke activists are very aggressive and have become very efficient at using cultural warfare tactics against any opponents such as ‘cancelling.’ It takes only a few of them to blackmail majorities who are indifferent, ignorant, or not really motivated enough to push back against their gaslighting. That’s how they can take over a department within a large entity like a corporation or a police force, and then impose their will on the whole institution,” said Bernier.  

“The only way to stop this woke agenda is not be cowed by them, to be courageous enough to face them down in every way possible, and to mount a sustained ideological counterattack to restore traditional classical liberal and conservative Western values as they defined our societies until recently.” 

The pride flag-wrapped police cruiser will be a “permanent fixture,” according to the TPS, and comes at a time when violent crime is on the rise in Canada.  

In 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government passed Bill C-75, which, in effect, created a “catch and release bail system,” according to conservative pundits and politicians. 

Following this, Canada has seen a sharp increase in auto thefts from organized crime groups, who have taken advantage of weak sentencing. 

As reported by LifeSiteNews, crime in Canada has seen a significant increase, with cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal being among the most impacted. 

Indeed, an Ottawa-based think tank warned in a recent report that the justice system is unable to keep up with out-of-control crime, which has seen the national murder rate hit its highest point in 30 years. 

In 2021, the violent crime rate increased by a whopping 6 percent. In 2022, the rate went up another 5 percent.