By Elizabeth O’Brien

  FORT LAUDERDALE, July 19, 2007 ( – In the face of protests and demands for his resignation, Mayor Jim Naugle remains committed to cleaning up the problem of male sex taking place in the children’s park public washrooms.

  This Tuesday about 50 protestors gathered in front of city hall, and one loudly requested that the mayor resign. Homosexual activists have been angry ever since Naugle spoke out against homosexual sex in public bathrooms. They also reacted furiously when he said he used the word “homosexual” rather than “gay” because homosexuals are “unhappy”. Shortly afterwards, the mayor voted against the massive gay and lesbian Stonewall Library being set up in the city’s main children’s park.

  The mayor is not scheduled to resign until March 2009, however, and has no intention of stepping down earlier. He said, “If I ever felt the majority of the residents didn’t want me, I would resign, but that’s not the case,” The California Advocate Reports.

  Naugle told that people have been mischaracterizing his words as “hate-speech” and calling him “homophobic” and “bigoted”. “I am doing what I think is truth speech and it’s being labeled as hate-speech,” he said.

  He also stated that the majority of people support him. Parents have called his office concerned about evidence of activities that have gone on in the public washrooms. “I’m awakening the community and getting an outpouring of support from residents saying it’s about time someone talked about this problem.”

  Hundreds of people are thanking him for having the courage to speak out. He stated, “By the leader of the community speaking out, I think it will make other people more comfortable speaking out. It’s something that has been kept hush-hush, but now people are feeling more free to talk about it.”

  While rejecting the notion that he’s homophobic, Naugle refuses to let the issue go un-addressed “under the banner of diversity and political correctness and inclusiveness,” for “sometimes the notion of political correctness masks the truth.” He claims that he is not homophobic because he was the deciding vote in favor of hiring an open homosexual as City Manager.

“What they do on their own is their own business, but what they do in a children’s park becomes the Mayor’s business,” he continued. “People say you should be tolerant, but when it’s people having sex in a park where children go, that’s were I draw the line.” 

  Naugle also referred to the case of Republican state representative Bob Allen, who was recently charged with soliciting a male under-cover police officer in a washroom in Titusville. A Florida gay activities web-guide lists Titusville as one of the locations where gay men can go “cruising” for male sex. Also listed on the web-page guide is Fort Lauderdale’s main children’s park.

  Concerned about this fact, Naugle stated, “I am hoping to get the city removed from the cruising area. I am asking the homosexual community to assist me in doing that.” Furthermore, he is trying to make them understand that his concerns aren’t against them, but against illegal activity in public places.

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