McDonald’s Throws up A Smoke Screen to Cover Support for Homosexual Agenda

Commentary by Thaddeus M. Baklinski

April 9, 2008 ( - Last week reported that the McDonalds restaurant chain had put an executive on the board of the U.S. homosexual chamber of commerce. McDonald’s is now attempting to obscure the issue of their support for the homosexual agenda in an e-mail they are sending to those who contact them about the matter.

The first point McDonald’s makes is, "At McDonald’s, we treat all our employees and customers with dignity and respect regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or any other differentiating factor."

While this may be true, it has nothing to do with the world’s largest fast food chain collaborating with an organization that seeks to "advance the ideas and causes of the LGBT business community" (from the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce website), and lobbies the U.S. Congress to enact laws that could be used to repress freedom of expression and religious freedom, and undermine the traditional meaning of marriage.

The next point, "While one McDonald’s employee is affiliated with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), McDonald’s is in no way ‘aggressively promoting the homosexual agenda’ as suggested in the newsletter," clearly hopes to minimize the fact that the "one employee" involved in NGLCC is Richard Ellis, Vice President of Communications for McDonald’s USA.

While McDonald’s did not disclose the amount of money given to the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) in order to have Ellis placed on NGLCC Board of Directors, the McDonald’s logo now appears on the NGLCC website under the heading of "Corporate Partners & Organizational Allies", which certainly does seem like aggressive promotion of the homosexual agenda.

The third point the McDonald’s email makes is, "The NGLCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to support economic opportunities for the gay and lesbian business community."

The NGLCC website, however, states that the organization not only supports "economic opportunities" for homosexuals, but also lobbies governments on a wide range of issues related to the homosexual agenda. McDonald’s support for an organization that lobbies governments on controversial issues that are directed toward fundamental societal changes undermines and contradicts their superficial "Family Friendly" image. As Richard Ellis said in his acceptance of the board position, "I look forward to playing a role in moving these important initiatives forward."

Finally, we are told, "In addition to McDonald’s, there are numerous other Fortune 500 companies that serve as corporate partners with NGLCC." This declaration that they are just "going along with the crowd" because everyone else is, is too lemming-like to be believable from a company which has positioned itself, by massive outlay of capital on aggressive marketing, strategic jockeying for market share, and manipulative advertising, in the forefront of the fast food industry.

Contact info for McDonald’s:

Andrew J. McKenna, President
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McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited
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