MONTREAL, February 1, 2006 ( – A group of homosexual activists have shut down a Montreal blood donor clinic that was screening out sexually active “gay” men. 10 to15 men showed up at the McGill University blood drive Wednesday, dressed in women’s clothes and waving sex toys.

Workers with the Quebec blood agency found an anonymous note posted in men’s bathrooms encouraging homosexual donors to lie on their blood donor questionnaire.

The note urged the men to “act faggy” and “lie about your sexual history.”

A homosexual activist group called Queer McGill condemned the agency’s lifetime ban on sexually active homosexuals as discriminatory. Medical realities, however, give little room for pandering to political correctness and the agency, not willing to take chances, shut down the clinic. The agency’s policy is to refuse men who have had sex with another man since 1977.

Andre Roch, a spokesperson with the agency said, “When we collect blood, we collect blood for patients. And what we must do is ensure safety is paramount.”

In 1998, the federal and provincial governments paid out $1.1 billion in compensation to Canadians who had been infected with hepatitis C from transfusions of tainted blood through the 1980’s. This followed a previous payout by the federal government in 1989, of $150 million for 1,250 Canadians infected with HIV.