TORONTO, Ontario, May 2, 2012 ( – After a weekend protest outside his constituency office over the government’s controversial “anti-bullying” legislation, Liberal House Leader John Milloy moved Tuesday to fast track the bill so it will pass by the summer.

Angered over the Tories’ efforts to filibuster debate on the bill, which has sparked a huge backlash by parents and religious leaders over concerns that it threatens parental rights and religious freedom, Milloy invoked a time allocation order to push the bill into committee after only 40 minutes debate from each party.

The bill could move to committee as quickly as next week and face a final vote by the end of May.

Both the Opposition Progressive Conservatives and the New Democratic Party are upset over the rare move.

“This is anti-democratic at its core. We never support time allocation,” New Democrat MPP Cheri DiNovo told Xtra.

The Tories have been promoting their own anti-bullying bill, Bill 14, that does not include Bill 13’s focus on homosexuality. According to Xtra, the Tories and the NDP had been working out a compromise before the Liberals decided to push their bill through.

Premier Dalton McGuinty told Xtra the move is simply about “ensuring we can move ahead with the bill.”

“Otherwise, the bell ringing will go on forever. This is something the government is called upon to use from time to time. We want to move ahead with the bill and this is the way to get it done,” he explained.

But pro-family activist Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition says McGuinty is “fast tracking the bill due to the uprising of parents breaking out across Ontario.”

“He hopes to cut it off by passing the bill quickly before the uprising grows,” said Fonseca, adding that “McGuinty is showing his true colors with this undemocratic move.”

“Parents and supporters ought to flood Dalton McGuinty with a firestorm of complaints, contact their local MPP, and spread the word to everybody they know,” he said.

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