TORONTO, Ontario, June 25, 2012 ( – Dalton McGuinty’s Education Minister has been named a “co-grand marshal” of this year’s Toronto Gay Pride parade. The honor comes in the wake of her efforts to push through the government’s homosexual “anti-bullying” bill that forces schools to accept “gay-straight alliance” clubs.

Minister Laurel Broten will join New Democrat MPP Cheri Di Novo, who was named “co-grand marshal” as well for the recent success of her transgender bill, which enshrined non-discrimination protections based on “gender identity” and “gender expression.”

The parade, which tops off ten days of festivities, takes place in Toronto on July 1st, Canada Day.


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Though organizers have tried to paint the parade as “family-friendly,” Toronto Pride is infamous for its public displays of full nudity, sado-masochistic attire, and public sex acts.

“I feel really honoured and I’m very excited about it,” Broten said at the Ontario Liberal Party’s provincial council meeting, according to the Toronto Star.

“What makes me most pleased about this is that it is another good opportunity for us to make sure young people in our province really know and understand in their hearts that our government stands with them and that we want them to be who they are,” she added.

Broten told media Saturday that she is undecided over what to wear, asking, “Got any ideas?”

Pride co-chair Luka Amona hailed passage of both Broten’s and Di Novo’s pieces of legislation as “major victories” for the homosexual movement in Ontario.