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TORONTO, Ontario, September 15, 2011 ( – As Ontario’s Oct. 6th election looms, a senior minister in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government says they have moved forward with reworking a graphic sex ed curriculum that they were forced to pull in April 2010 after outrage from parents and religious leaders.

The news has one pro-family leader warning that the Liberals would fully reintroduce the curriculum if given another mandate.


“There’s no question that October 6th is a referendum on teaching our children sexually explicit material,” said Dr. Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College.

Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne told Xtra last week that the curriculum – which dealt with “sexual orientation” in grade 3, masturbation in grade 6, and anal intercourse in grade 7 – is being “rewritten” and going through parental consultation.

“There were parents in some parts of the province who felt that they hadn’t had an opportunity for input, although we did talk with many groups across the province,” said the minister, who oversaw the curriculum’s development in her previous role as Minister of Education.

“We always talk to people in the field, we always talk to parents, but we do not take public referenda on curriculum. That’s not the way curricula are done in this country or any other country,” she added.

According to McVety, however, “the McGuinty government does not respect the voice of the parents and is bent on indoctrinating our children … even when the parents say no.”

“This is really sexual exploitation of children.  And yes that’s a strong term and a strong charge, but this is truly sexually violating little boys and girls,” he told LifeSiteNews.

The evangelical leader noted that the graphic sex ed program dovetailed with the government’s controversial equity and inclusive education strategy, and its “safe schools” program.

Under the guise of “equity,” the government has urged schools to participate in the lewd Gay Pride parades, introduce homosexual-themed texts, and launch gay-straight alliance clubs.

In July, McGuinty told Catholic schools that implementing homosexual clubs is “not a matter of choice.”  Though the Catholic schools have complied by introducing homosexual “anti-bullying” clubs, Wynne told Xtra last week that they “will all come around” to allowing gay-straight alliances.

The government, further, has allowed public school boards such as those in Toronto and Hamilton to integrate their “sexual diversity” instruction throughout the curriculum while at the same time forbidding parents from removing their children from the classroom during controversial discussions. 

McVety said he is “sure” that board policies like those in Toronto and Hamilton would continue should the Liberals win another mandate, “because [the Liberals] have invested tremendous political capital and taxpayer finances into this indoctrination program.”

In February, homosexual Liberal MPP Glen Murray, who serves as Minister of Research and Innovation, praised the new revision of the curriculum and said it will be coming soon.

Dubbing opponents of the graphic sex ed program “rightwing reactionary homophobes,” he told Xtra that the main issues that offended parents are already being covered under the current version of the curriculum from 1998.

“I have to tell you, many of the things that offended people are already in the curriculum. We talk about all kinds of families and human sexuality in our elementary schools,” he said.

McVety said he fears that “parents will not exercise democracy and voice their opinion at the ballot box because that’ s what complacent Canadians do.  We cry after the fact.  And for the sake of our children I hope that on October 7th we’re not crying.”

“Make no mistake: this election … is about giving McGuinty a mandate to impose this sexually explicit ideology on our children.”

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