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Professor Patrick Provost, formerly of Laval UniversityUniversity of Laval

LAVAL, Quebec (LifeSiteNews) – A university professor’s debunking of the mainstream COVID narrative has been wiped from the online sources of the media company that first published it.

Dr. Patrick Provost, a full professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Laval University and expert on mRNA, published an article that called foul on the COVID narrative on June 22 in the Journal de Quebec. The Journal‘s parent company, Québecor, subsequently took the article down.

The true portrait of COVID-19 in Quebec” (English translation)  has since been reposted in other places.

“Québecor has withdrawn this text by Professor Patrick Provost that appeared this week in the Journal de Montréal, the Journal de Québec and on the TVA Nouvelles website. In accordance with its mission to protect the freedom of the press, Libre Média is publishing it in its entirety,” tweeted Canadian politician Maxime Bernier in French.

In “True portrait”, Provost dissected the mainstream narrative about death rates, lockdown measures, and the efficacy and policies surrounding vaccination.

Regarding death rates, Provost wrote: “As of June 19, 2022, the cumulative data for all of Quebec is as follows: 15,462 deaths related to COVID-19 (chart 2.1) out of a total of 1,077,256 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (chart 1.1), for a calculated mortality rate of 1.44%.”

He added that the rate is “greatly overestimated” due to a number of factors, including a “several times higher than reported” infection rate and the fact that “deaths with, and not because of, COVID-19” were including in the tallies.

Provost stated that, according to the most recent data in the province, there has been ‘no excess all-cause mortality” in the province since the pandemic was declared, except in the over 70-year-old age bracket.

Notably, he said this higher rate of “all cause” death amongst the elderly only took place during “the first wave (April-June 2020) as well as “shortly after the imposition of the holiday lockdown/curfew or the deployment of the 3rd vaccine dose (January 2022).”

Provost did not associate the vaccines with higher death rates, but data from around the world compiled by insurance companies has shown that excess death-rate claims spiked by almost 40 per cent after populations were largely jabbed or boosted.

He then attacked the broad-scale lockdown measures that were applied irrespective of the different risk factors for different people.

“Did the pandemic reality described … justify imposing such severe and comprehensive health measures, rather than targeted ones, to circumscribe a threat that targeted a well-known category of people?” he wrote.

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The professor lamented the exclusion of “physicians from the care and any assessment of the risk/benefit ratio” regarding vaccination.

He also called the jab “an injection that is still experimental” and called foul on “mass vaccination of the entire population for a disease which particularly effects the very old and sick.”

In addition, Provost criticized the vaccination certification systems (vaccine passports) enacted by governments, which led to the “social exclusion of a minority of unvaccinated people.”

To conclude, he called for the need to depoliticize decisions, the government having  “imposed decisions that go against science (e.g. curfew).”

“This reveals the importance of depoliticizing decisions that infringe on individual rights and freedoms, for example,” he said.

Quebec is facing a provincial election in October, and Provost called for a “balance sheet” for an “examination of conscience or deep collective reflection” of what has taken place and the harm that has been caused.